Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Through my phone

This past week has been amazing. My two best friends have visited and we’ve had such a good time. I love these girls to bits, and it was so nice getting to spend this time with them. When I told everybody that I was going to Greece for 3 months I never actually expected anybody to come, but they did!!! And by accident they synchronized it in the same days.

They loved the apartment, the town and the weather. I was kind of worried that they would be bored while I was working yet they took the chances and went around town. They picked me up from work once, we took walks and had midnight dinners in my living room floor, we went out and danced our asses off and we had soooo much food. They did a lot of shopping (there is a price difference in Norway/Greece!!)  and also experienced some hardcore greek food markets.

And now there’s only 6 days 18 hours and 8 minutes till my plane leaves next Wednesday! I’m so excited of seeing the boy and the rest of my friends.
My sister is coming on Saturday so I hope these days go by fairly quickly!

More up soon

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