Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Spanish Sahara

North America had Juno, the whole snow blizzard thing. We had none of that sort, only a deathly sand cloud over Athens one morning. It was back on Sunday and the atmosphere felt very thick – I kept coughing while on my way to work. Everything was covered in this thin layer of dust, nobody was out, the streets were empty, it was all a little bit post-apocalyptic. All my pictures kept coming out yellow toned which I thought was actually extremely interesting and made me want to listen to Spanish sahara by the Foals at least 50 times on repeat.

Since the cloud was from Sahara, it was brought here by strong southern winds, which raised the temperature to 19 degrees, it felt like summer. It was sunday and I took the long way to work since I had the time. It was extremely windy, felt like blow-dryer wind, warm and dry. 

I just threw on my brandy melville tunic dress and some textured tights, it's sunday and I don't want to try too hard. Black on black, with a little bit of black is always a good choice. I love how all these pieces are kind of complementing each other, in the sense that they all have different textures and avoid making it seem flat. 

Now it’s Wednesday, my best friend has arrived from Oslo and I’m planning some full on tourist and insider “activities” for the next days. I also got tickets to go back home in 2 weeks and I could not be more excited!

- Ciao 

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