Monday, 16 February 2015


We all need a little balance in our lives, I love this necklace for how it looks but also for the message it carries with it. I’m a sucker for gold simple jewelry that you can simply stack on each other, or even wear alone, and especially when it comes to circles and straight lines. I spotted this one in an outdoor little stand at a street near acropolis and had to get my hands on it. The length of the chain is perfect, and the quality amazing.

It came with this little card, which makes me very happy!
(their website here)
I also have a wishbone bracelet (which I wore throughout summer, until it faded out loads)

I really like the little quote which comes with it, it’s very true and we often don’t realize, that it’s equally important to learn when to keep walking and when to stop and turn around. Personally I think I’m in a part of my life where it’s full of little crossroads, which one I want, or which one is right, which one is best, I don’t know!! Sometimes we get stuck in situations in which we’re comfortable in, in fear of disturbing that. I think this opportunity of coming to Greece for these 2,30 months really helped me with understanding how important it is to get up and try something new sometimes. It won’t be easy, but with the hardships you face, you understand yourself and others better! That's how life is, you can't stay stuck in the same point for too long, you have to let yourself move. That doesn't mean letting go of everything in but holding on to what is important, friends, boyfriends, family member, childhood memories, whatever it is if it's worth it, if it's truly important then it won't even let go of you. 

1 day 23 hours and 4 minutes till my plane leaves for Oslo, I can't believe it! 
Bye for now 
- Eva

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Gloves and Scarves

Winter comes and goes here. It’s back to 3 degrees and was colder than Oslo at some point. I swear, the weather is trying to make me feel like home. Although I still don’t. I cannot wait to be back in 6 days and I cannot wait to actually move back in March!!

Actually those few days between now and Wednesday are driving me crazy! I cannot even focus on work anymore! Anyhow, today was pretty chill, I put on my gloves which make me feel very put together. Actually the whole colour scheme of this outfit makes me feel super street stylish and nicely done. My gloves go perfectly with my coat, it’s almost like a natural extension of the sleeves, then my black textured tights melt nicely with my Chelsea boots which make me feel (maybe even look) like my legs are slightly longer, and then my black and red checkered scarf pulls everything together and adds a little bit of colour. Which is definitely needed in these grey days.


Coat / Mango
Gloves / Accessorize
Tights / Calzedonia
Boots / Roots
Bag / Granit

I tried smiling, it's too cold for smiles! Stay warm and cozy guys