Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Hair mist love

Hair mists, honestly, sound like the most useless thing ever. Yet, they have become my latest obsession.
I currently have two and use them every day. I find that I care about the smell of my hair over even wearing perfume and such. Plus these two products have other interesting results excluding their strong and long lasting smell.

I bought this one last year while I was in Sarajevo, just because L’Occitane was having a sale going on and even though I picked up a few things this hair mist product looked especially appealing.
On the back it says : “Helps to style, softly hold hair in place and leaves it feeling supple and soft. It helps enhance the wake of the Eau de Toilette and to remove unpleasant odors (cigarette smoke, cooking odors)”
Definitely does everything. The smell stays on your hair for days, and you can even smell it in the shower while washing your hair. If you live in a country where people are allowed to smoke inside cafe’s and restaurants this is a life saver.
The smell, is kind of overpowering, definitely on the strong side. It smells like roses, not the toned down-fake-roses, it smells like fresh cut roses. The real smell. I especially love it, it always gives me a sense of power and self confidence when I can smell it on my hair.
Do not expect it to be as strong as hairspray but sometimes you just need something a lot lighter. Also it gives a certain shine and healthy glow to your hair!
I love how it matches my perfume (roses by Chloe) so I feel like I smell like flower garden after rain, when I combine those products together.

The next one I bought just last week, it smells like a mixture of Jasmine and Bergamot, I love both smells, especially jasmine, and I know that bergamot oil is really beneficial. It’s bottle looks more “perfumy” than my roses one, I could definitely use it as a perfume, as the smell is extremely light and flowery.

I especially like spraying it my hair once I get out of the shower because then the smell lasts forever and also makes my hair kinda soft and fluffy. I’d say this one is a more of multi purpose little bottle, I’ve also tried it as a body oil and it works really nicely! It’s also so nice to combine the tow products, then I end up smelling like a garden in early spring, mmm

Probably a must have for the next few months, they’re so great for cheering me up as well!

See you next time!


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