Monday, 19 January 2015

A home away from home

Since I moved to Norway home has become a very strange term.
Oslo became my home, and I felt comfortable there, however the house itself wasn’t home. It was my mums home, or that’s how it felt. And my dads place in Athens was actually “my” home. When I moved in with marcus that become a real home to me, not just in the physical sense but in the psychological as well.
Now being back in Athens, I should feel as home, since I’ve lived here most my life. Yet I don’t. I feel like the soldier in that hemingway short story. Who comes back yet he never does really come back. I didn’t unpack until at least 3 weeks had passed as if I refused to accept that this room was to be my home. And last weekend when the train rushed into Oslo I felt a weight lift up from my shoulders, and like every nerve in my body was in motion again, even after flying and travelling for the whole day I was full of energy. That’s what coming home feels like I concluded, the feeling of being whole again.
Yet again, we can’t spend our lives wishing we were somewhere else. Thus we make little homes away from home. Not necessarily in the sense of a room or an apartment, but we find smells and pictures and places and songs that make us feel a little comfortable, or at least I did.
Athens is not my best place, I have a love hate relationship with this city. I hate the mentality of most people, I hate the public transport, I hate the ugly buildings, I hate the incredible heat, I hate it when it’s cold, I just release a lot of hate when I’m here. There are sometimes though, when the weather is around 15-20 degrees and the sun is soft, the wind slightly lifts your hair and I find myself walking in cute little streets in the centre where I feel so comfortable.

So, maybe like I read somewhere home is just two arms holding you tight and maybe it’s the feeling of the familiar wind on your face and the small of thyme and rosemary in the streets.

Today was my day off, which I spent getting some papers fixed and stopping by the legal  department of the theatre and also getting stopping by l’occitane and treating myself.
Only a month till I find myself back in Oslo again. I’m counting down the days!
Leather Jacket / Bik Bok
Jeans / Pull & Bear
Scarf / Mango
Shoes / H&M

Hope you all had a great start of your week (:

Tell me about your homes.

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