Saturday, 20 December 2014

This is not winter.

I mean sure, I complained when it was -5 degrees outside, but this is the extreme of opposite. Today the sun was shining and it was around 17 degrees, although honestly in the sun it felt like 30. Oh well, everything is always too cold or too warm.

Today was the first day of rehearsals and it was so interesting, I’m so excited for more! We started off by one and a half hour of warmup, which I was not prepared for, I thought it was only for the actresses!! So I struggled because of my jeans. The warmup contained motion exercises but also acting ones, like warming up the voice etc. I have not had any contact with any sort of acting or theatre backstage deal ever in my life so this was  hard at times and also fun. The last exercise was that two people had to stand in the middle of the circle and whenever the director clapped they had to change, from being hateful to each other to loving each other. I was the last one in the circle and I was kind of nervous because I’m not one for screaming or being angry, but it went so well even the director said that it was very good, which made me happy. Then the actresses did a first reading of the text and around 3 we went home.

I tried to find an H&M on my way back to buy socks, but they didn’t have any socks?

To the outfit, I decided to go with my grey jeans because I simply don’t wear them enough, a simple white shirt and some gold necklaces and a cardi to top it all up. I’ve had this cardigan for around 3 years now, and it’s never failed me. I adore the chunkiness of the thick knit, and how low the buttons are, leaving a wide v-neck. It’s perfect for keeping yourself warm in the morning and taking it off as the day progresses

Cardigan / Carlings
Jeans / Weekday
Shirt / COS
Backpack / Fjall Raven
Boots / Roots

I guess the only downside is that we work every day except Saturday and Monday, which is weird, because it’s always nice to have a weekend break, especially if I want to take a small trip somewhere. Today it was a special occasion because we worked today and we will also work tomorrow.
Good news though, my friend got tickets to visit in early January so I’m over the moon with happiness. I miss them all so so much.

Hope you have a lovely weekend!!

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