Wednesday, 31 December 2014

New Years Eve!

It is here! The final page of 2014, what a crazy roller coaster ride it has been. I finished school, moved out, fell deeper in love, got over a lot of things, became completely happy, took some important decisions, started this blog, met some new amazing people, got to know some of my old friends better, fell more and more in love not only with a person, but with life.

I’m ready to leave 2014 behind me and excited for what 2015 has to offer. I’m getting more and more excited every minute. Let’s all strive to become an even better version of ourselves, let’s find self-acceptance and let’s appreciate life and all those precious moments of happiness and peace that are going to come.

But well, first we have NYE which I'm also looking forward to, except that I don't know what to wear. So I tried on all the "contestants" most likely going for the halter top/skirt/sparkly tights combo or my onesie, gosh I wish I could wear my onesie!!
Which one do you like best!? And if I don't talk to you guys before tonight, have a great evening and a happy new year!!!

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