Friday, 5 December 2014

New in - Monki

I went to monki to return a dress my mothers friend bought me, which really didn’t look good on me (it looked like a potatoe sack) and as it happens, usually, I picked up a few more things. Yesterday one of my best friends had a mini concert at her university so we all went, and I wanted to wear something for the occasion. I found some really interesting pieces and I fought the urge to not wear them all together, although I could definitely have done so.
I ended up wearing a black t-shirt dress and some glittery/fairy looking grey/silver tights, which got completely dirty from all the mud, so I changed into my new high-waisted mum jeans and tucked my t-shirt dress inside. It looked really great and when I told people I was actually wearing a dress they looked very confused.

Anyhow, I picked up the following items:
(except the boots,  they’re only there for the sake of the outfit)

The jeans I ended up going back and going down a size, since I realized they looked really big on me. Now they fit me a lot better and actualy stay on my waist. I love how relaxed they are, and at the same time flattering. Cuffing the legs makes them look a bit more wholesome and in my opinion make them look a lot more put together. I haven’t worn light washed jeans for a very long time because I always thought they were unflattering on me, but I think I’m going to get a lot of wears out of these ones.

The long sleeved cropped shirt was another item I did not expect myself to go towards. I’m not really a bling bling person, I tend to avoid too many sparkles, but there was something in this shirt, although it was literally covered in silver thread, it was very casual at the same time. I could wear it to lunch, with the jeans that I bought. Or I could dress it up with black skinnies and tall booties or a skirt. It’s really perfect for the festive season!

The black top/bralette was really and impulse buy. I really like it’s texture and shape, however the fit is kind of strange and so is its length. (it’s very short, shorter than a crop top) I guess it’s a challenge for my self-consciousness to wear it and show that big part of my stomach. I think it would look really great with high-waisted skirts or even jeans and a cardigan thrown over it..

I have a thing for lacy bras, they’re comfortable, they’re soft and they look really good on! This one is a perfect addition to my collection. I really like the very wide waistband it had and the lacey detail on the end. The quality is good and stretchy and it fits like magic. I love it too much basically.

Snow has finally started to fall here, so I’m so happy about it, tomorrow I’m forcing the boy to come for a walk on the mountains with me. My best friend who studies in Edinburgh is in Oslo for a few days, just generally life is busy and nice at the moment.
I also have to start toying with the thought that I have to pack for two and a half months but honestly I’m still in denial. Life is too good right now and I don’t want to rock things at all.

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