Thursday, 11 December 2014

New in - COS, Brandy Melville, Lancome

I am leaving 3 days. I cannot believe it!!! This week has been going crazy fast. I’ve been so busy meeting people and spending time with my family and binge-watching “weeds” with the boy and making delicious food. I’ve also been doing some shopping. My mum wanted to buy me a Christmas gift, as we’re not going to spend Christmas together so we ventured to COS, which never fails me. Although I love even the simplest of t-shirts, the winner undoubtedly was a pair of textured cuffed trousers.

When on they look like this (I couldn’t find the exact match on the website) :

I’ve had my on some Topshop trousers of the same style since I was in Prague but they didn’t have my size, they were far more plain though. I love how the texture just makes it something more than plain black dressy trousers you know? My only issue with them is that I need to get the waist fixed, as they don’t carry a size smaller than 34 and the waist is awkwardly loose. It’s easily fixed so I’m very excited to wear them, dressed up or down.

I also picked up some shiny tights from the kids section in H&M (whoops). Shiny tights in my opinion are another must for the festive season, you can immediately transform an outfit, just put on your regular LBD and a pair of shiny tights and you’re ready to go! I couldn’t decide between the silver and the black one so I got both, I’m glad I did because I later noticed that the black sparkles were colourful? Oh well, that’ll be fun.

I also decided to opt for a new mascara, a good quality one. Lancome mascaras are considered of excellent quality and a lot of people with sensitive eyes use them. I chose the Definicils one, it’s apparently their best seller for 16 years now!! It’s amazing if you want longer and defined lashes. However due to the fact that my lashes, although long are not that many, it looks a bit strange and I did not like it with my primer on, I have to try again without any primer or eyeliner to see the clear results. I’m positive that I can find a way so that it works for me though!

Up the street from COS is Brandy Melville, and I could not resist going in for a peak.
Dainty necklaces are my favourite, and this stone one caught my eye immediately. It looks so pretty on, and can be layer or worn by its own. The chain is really short so it sits very high on your neck (Almost like a choker) it’s definitely going to become a most used. I also got a black choker necklace, I thought it was a bracelet but it’s too large for my wrist. Finally, from accessories,  I got a silver gem stone ring. I don’t own a lot of silver because I like how gold things go with my skin tone better but the colour of the gem stone was too pretty to let go of. I love how simple it is and also goes with most things in my wardrobe.

Next up is this bralette, it’s great for wearing under anything and gives a little bit of dimension and coolness. I really like it! I also got a black tunic, long sleeved black shirt(?) I wear it as a dress!

Finally I also popped in Monki again and got this head chain, I don’t really own any kind of hair jewelry and from the moment I saw it I started thinking of ways to wear it and I can’t wait. It’s such a great piece to add to an all black outfit or even on a very casual day.

And that’s it for this post, I’m super busy at the moment, but hope to capture my outfit for tomorrow/today, we’ll see.
Hope you all had a fine week, and don’t worry Friday is almost here!
What are on your shopping lists?


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