Friday, 26 December 2014

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!! I hope you all had some great two days, filled with happiness and friends and love and maybe a few gifts!
Mine has been really beautiful. I managed to get well, after being sick the last couple of days, and stand on my feet. On Christmas eve, me and my dad went for dinner to his girlfriends mothers house where some of her family was as well. They were so incredibly nice, and the food and conversation was just amazing. Even people I had never met before had gotten me a gift, so the gift exchange lasted for at least an hour! Everybody was happy and in love. I was supposed to go out with my friends after, but we ended up leaving the dinner at 4:30 am and arrived home after 5 so I was too exhausted to even consider leaving the house. Although I did end up staying up and skyping with the boy until 8:30, when we realized that the sun was up and maybe we should get a few hours of sleep!

I managed to take some quick shots before we left for dinner of what I was wearing.

Of course my long sleeved velvet black dress was the way to go, velvet is so right for Christmas. I wanted to tone it down, just slightly because I knew it wasn’t an extremely formal occasion so I wore my oxfords to tie everything together. I love how it turned out, and how the dress looks with my short hair

Also, curls are essential for Christmas season so I opted for that as well, although after two seconds they had loosened up and turned into a 40s inspired hairdo (no complaints)

Except my increasingly runnier nose my night was perfect, and so was the day after. 
With only 4 hours of sleep I woke up at 12 feeling very very confused of what day it was and how long I had been sleeping. My grandmother hosts this annual christmas day lunch, with more gift exchanges, so I had to quickly get ready for that. I was running late of as usual so I had to rush past my mirror and quickly take a snap.

The lighting was so strange, but I kinda licked it. I just wore skinny jeans, and my monki sparkly shirt and of course red lipstick to bring in this christmas feels!

Lunch was great, then I delivered some food at my dad who got really sick, and then went off to find my best friend. Then we found the other best friend, sat at the central square for a while before we went to starbucks because my throat was killing me and then we had dinner at this lovely Spanish inspired restaurant and then well, I realized that 4 hours of sleep were catching onto me so I got home and passed out at around 12! And that completes it!
Hope you all had a great Christmas and are looking forward for New Years!

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