Tuesday, 30 December 2014

I painted my room!

Merry Christmas again! It’s almost 2015 I cannot believe it. I’m a little bit sad I’m going to spend it away from the boy, again, but I’m so happy to have my friends here and I’m pretty sure it’s going to be amazing! Hope you’re planning something nice as well!

I guess the new year means change, and resolutions, although I don’t really believe in waiting for this specific point of year to change myself, I try to change myself towards a better me, every day! However, since the new year will ground me, and actually force me to realize that I still have 2 more painful months away from home, I decided to re-do my old room. After all I will be spending loads of time in it. My room is my sanctuary, my calm place and my little cave, so I want it to look and feel nice.

Since we moved in here, the colours of my walls have been this pale blue colour, nothing too fancy, however the colour had gotten so dirty and gross, and had holes where I had previously hung or stuck things on the walls etcb it looked like a mess, really really did! I’ve removed all the furniture except my bed, because I’m also planning to having a lot less things in it and then I invited my #crew uhm well my friends to paint it with me.

We had so much fun, and finished quite quickly! And by that time we were covered in paint of course. We would’ve finished earlier but we became obsessed with making the colour as even as possible. After that we made food, and more people came and we put on some music and chilled a little bit, and of course played cards against humanity (it’s so good).
I’m really gonna miss all of them when they leave for uni in a few days, Athens is literally empty without them. I have more friends that I hang out with, but only a few of them are as chilled as those people are.

Tomorrow I’m going to my best friends house to get ready and then I’m going to meet my dad and his girlfriend and go to a pre-party with them and then leave a little bit before midnight to meet my friends again. It’s in the same neighborhood so it won’t be stressful time-wise. I’m really looking forward to it! Ah!

I hope your New Years is great and that you use it as an excuse to have a lot of fun and do exciting things! Xxx Eva

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