Saturday, 20 December 2014

French feels and all I want for christmas

I was not feeling skinny jeans or skinny clothes in general, so I went all out with loose fit jeans and a tunic tucked in. I also threw on a beret since I think it looks a lot better with my short hair. And then the scarf was a final touch. I felt like I was some artsy painter roaming the streets of Paris.

Cardigan / Carlings
Jeans / Monki
Shoes / H&M
Tunic / Brandy Melville
Beret / Some local store in Prague

I have not had time to do anything to my room yet, and it’s an absolute mess. I barely have unpacked and there’s so many things on the floor I cannot walk without stepping on something. I’ve been meaning to go to IKEA and pick up some things and also I’m bringing my friends so we can re-paint my room, so IKEA has to wait. Oh well, I guess it’s stepping on things for a little longer for me.

But here is a small wishlist of the things I’m going to get eventually, can’t wait to show you my room when everything is put into place

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