Sunday, 7 December 2014


While visiting Lush in Prague I did not end up buying the full size of the “enchanted eye cream”, which I regretted later when I finished the sample and I had no desire of going back to any other eye cream. The reviews I read online were pretty neutral in my opinion, nobody thought of it as a really good eye cream, however, I do.

I wasn’t expecting it to do so much, I just needed a very soft and gentle cream to keep my lids for drying out and my under eye circles a little bit hydrated, it did all that and more. I think that even after the first week of using it my under eye circles were less dark, and my eyes looked more healthy and bright.
The formula is very soft and easy to spread with your ring finger, it’s not sticky at all so you don’t feel as  you’re damaging your skin by rubbing it in. It also has a pump, which makes life easier! You don’t really need more than a small pump for both of your eyes!

I don’t think anybody could go wrong with this one. Not sure if it has anti-aging properties but keeping your eyes healthy already helps with wrinkles/etc without having to add strange chemicals on your face. I will definitely buy it again, and probably again. 
Have a lovely sunday!

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