Monday, 10 November 2014


Hey, so I must have jinxed it or something because guess where I am
I’m still in Prague. Whoops. Our flight was delayed, so we thought we’d take it easy and left the house around 1 hour and something before flight time. The taxi driver was slightly slow and there was loads of traffic due to an accident on the highway. We got in five minutes after the check in was closed.
I had to take around 20 minutes just staring at the wall and not saying anything because I was in so much shock- I’ve never missed a plane before!
So after a few minutes of panic we bought new tickets for Thursday.

I am semi-glad I have to say, although I was looking forward to our little cozy home.

It gives me some more time to “live” in the city, instead of being just a tourist, which I love to do. I went to the post office to send some postcards (It was closed on Sunday/Saturday) and I also got to wear my new Zara purse around and I’m really starting to like it.

I have this tradition with most of my friends that we send typically “ugly” postcards to each other whenever we visit somewhere. This time I got slightly lazy and only sent to my friend in Edinburgh, just because I can’t see here everyday and to my grandparents because I thought they’d love it. Although now that I have a few more days I might send a few more.

I was searching for a simple purse that I could use both when going out and during the day, and I think this one is great for that purpose. It’s not too dressy and at the same time not too boring because of the pointy lines on it. It fits all the essentials and does not allow itself to get bulky (which I like, or else I would fill it up with random certainly not needed things)

So for the time being I’m stuck with wearing the same scarf and jacket everyday!
Have a nice week lovelies

(I changed my font and I actually fancy it a lot more, what do you think!?)

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