Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Slipping through my fingers

I had to go to my little sisters art exhibition at her school. So I got dressed and went there with the intention of taking some pictures when I was leaving, tough luck. The sun was already down.
That's it I guess, and we have to make do with it!

The weather in the morning was still pretty amazing so at least I had the chance to see the sky and walk around, although it's very cold.

I don't think the children in my sisters school are aware where boobs are on animals.
Its face though is so cute.

My sisters school is around 10 minutes away from where I live so I just walked back instead of waiting for the bus. The sun was setting behind me and everything was yellow-ish. I also noticed all the christmas lights/trees that have started to decorate the streets and stores! I can't believe it's almost christmas. I also can't believe I'm not spending christmas in Norway. Because honestly is there a better place to spend christmas at?

Where are you spending christmas and are you looking forward to it? 
Going to make some creamy mushroom pasta for dinner now yum yum 

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