Monday, 3 November 2014

Prague; First Impression

I'm here, Prague! It's beautiful, and exciting and full of life and interesting things (and beer) 
I'll have a sort of travel journal when I get back, with all the places I recommend and the weird shop findings that I will make and also what to do, what I did etc etc 

We left Norway quite early in the morning and it was still cloudy and dark but when we landed in Prague the sun was up and it was warm (although it ain't much better than oslo right now, with 5 degrees outside). 
After going to the grocery store to pick up shampoo and hummus, fresh baguettes and other thingies, we took a long walk around the centre of the city and old town just to look around and get a feeling of where things are and how large the city is and so forth. 

I've fallen in love with the architecture of old town and the river bank walk. Such vibrant colours and the sun casting the perfect light. It was really magical. We walked for a couple of hours and then sat down at the astrological clock square because I liked looking at the huge bubbles plus we were completely worn out. Marcus's parents then took us out for dinner at this Art Deco restaurant which belonged to the Imperial Hotel. It was so impressive, like so ugly that it becomes pretty kind of thing.
I had amazing gnocchi with truffles (the best I've ever ever had in my life)

Now we're back home, we showered and will probably stay in tonight, the boy is already passed out. Three hours of sleep will do that to you. Tomorrow is our anniversary so I guess I want to be "fresh" as well

See you soon xx

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