Friday, 14 November 2014

New scarf ft. cold

I’m back in Oslo, finally. It’s amazingly cold and windy and it’s raining. Feels like home I guess.
I slept over at my mums yesterday just so I could actually see her and my sister for a bit. It was very strange waking up in my old bed. The past year just for a second seemed like a dream. But nope, I checked my facebook messages and it’s actually real! Wow.

My last purchase on our last day in Prague was this scarf from Mango. I was actually looking for a new scarf, maybe one with something interesting on it. I saw this in the store, there was only one, so I immediately tried it on and fell in love.

The colours just scream winter to me but also cozyness. I like the red on it, because it matches a lot of my clothes, especially since most of them are dark, so I think the scarf could just add a little bit of colour in an outfit.  

It’s definitely a large scarf, so it also functions like a blanket and is big enough to wrap around my neck and keep me warm

How has your week gone? What are you looking forward to this weekend?
My Friday started out very sucky, but I hope it gets better as the day progresses!

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