Friday, 28 November 2014

New in - Weekday

I was in town with the boy and happened to pass from Weekday, so we just hopped in for a second as we both usually find something in there that we like.
I came across multiple items and I'll be definitely stopping by again, I ended up buying two basics. However probably the most remarkable thing I found, was a pair of sweatpants, and wait for it, for like 9 euros (80kr) which is amazing considering they originally costed around 45 euros! I did not even try them on. I mean we all need cozy, Sunday morning sweatpants. 

I love its fleece lining, it makes them so so comfy and warm. I have to roll the waistband since they're almost huge on my and I also cuff them on the bottom, so they look a bit more put together.
My next item was a very plain black long sleeved shirt with a washed out effect. I like throwing these on when I'm not feeling particularly dressy. The washed out effect makes it more interesting than just having a plain black tee on and the cut of the shirt is very flattering. (It's quite long and the sleeves quite fitting) 

I've been wearing my sweatpants non-stop since I bought them (and washed them first) I love throwing them over my ballet tights when I have class because they keep me warm on the way there and I can easily take them off after I've warmed up.
I'm actually wearing them right now!! I had a major migraine yesterday night which lasted for about 6 hours so now I'm exhausted and I want to have a nice dinner and go to bed early. So much for weekend nights!

Hope you're all having a good friday!

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