Saturday, 8 November 2014

New In - Prague mini haul

I have barely had time to take it all in, so that leaves close to none-time to blog. But I have been thinking about it and been writing a lot of drafts. These are my last two days and I cannot believe it has gone so fast. I want to stay here forever. 
Yesterday I had the chance to go do some shopping, mostly with the intention of replacing certain products that I'm running out and such. 

I had to go to topshop, since we don't have one in Oslo, but it was extremely disappointing. It was very small and actually didn't have as many things. I was literally there for more than an hour and went out with this tiny bag, which has never happened before, oh well. 

 I got a pair of socks, like I always do of course. I love these because I think it would look very nice peeping out of my ankle boots or docs. I'm a sucker for nice socks so I could not resist this super timeless print. In the store, these socks were modelled under stroppy heels, which I thought looked really good but I'm not sure if I would be brave enough to do the same. 
I also got a pair of undies, it's nothing too special but I can never have enough panties, and I really like this specific one. 

Zara was more interesting with a lot of things that looked amazing. I loved most of their "Zara collection" but holy shit some pieces were very expensive. I might go back though, for a second round. 
I ended up with this light blue sweater. It's slightly oversized but not baggy, it has long comfy sleeves and I quite like light blue for winter, I'd say it's sort of a crisp pastel so fits my mood and also the weathers. 

Second was this impulse buy, I bought a beanie with ears on it, and it's white. what. I don't even know myself. But I like it?!? I think it looks really put together with the light blue sweater a shirt and black ripped skinnies and oxfords. It makes me happy, I look forward to styling it without looking like an 8year old. On the topic of hats, while we were walking around town, we found a store called "Oh my hat" and I've been trying to buy more hats (that fit my had that is) so while trying on loads and loads of hats the lady offered me to try on a beret. It's navy blue and I actually really like it. I felt like I was ready to move to Paris in a small loft in a bad neighbourhood while wearing it, and I kinda liked that feeling. 

I also stopped at Mac and a random drugstore to pick up a few things that I'm running out of. 
I'll keep going back to this mascara for ever and ever, actually this combination is just perfection. 
Also this FIT me concealer, you really can't beat that price for the results it gives.

Next is Lush, I keep going back to it no matter how much it pushes me away every time. I've tried the tea tree water, the cupcake face mask and the angels on bare skin moisturiser and they have all irritated and messed up my skin. Yet here I am again, it must be the smell, I literally can't resist. 

I have had some flakey skin around my chin and between my eyebrows lately, it's like I'll put on makeup and then my skin will just start peeling off. I'm not sure why it happens but it really bothers me. So after engaging in a lengthy discussion with the Lush assistant I ended up buying ocean salt. I've heard mostly good, if not amazing, things about it, so I'm looking forward to it! I've used it twice now, and it seems to be working well, I just don't rub it too hard on my skin to avoid irritation. It also makes my skin very soft and nice!? I really like it so far!

I was also looking for some hair product, nothing specific, just an enhancer I guess. I ended up with American Cream, which smells like heaven. It's pretty good although I have to use quite a lot for it to work as a good conditioner. Nothing will ever beat how nice my hair smells though. 
Lastly I was talking about how dry and red my eyelids and around eye area gets sometimes so the assistant gave my a sample of the Enchanted Eye Cream. I've also used it around two or three times and I've been liking it so far, it's very lightweight and easy to apply but gets absorbed very quickly. I will most likely end up buying the bottle when I get back to Oslo. 

That's all for now! I'll be back with loads of thingies soon soon, promise
Kisses from beautiful Prague (I don't want to leave)

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