Sunday, 19 October 2014


It's been raining for a week straight now. The city is slowly transforming, falling into winter colours. All the crunchy autumn leaves have become a mush on the side of the streets. Most trees are bare now. It's getting darker and darker every day, the sun is replaced by yellow street lights.

The reflection of the city in the rain puddles is most beautiful than ever. I love the difference in seasons, I love how subtle they are in this country. How you can smell the winter on its way, how you can experience the flowers blossoming which call for spring. I love the first snow and I love the first rain. The city falls under a lethargic cloud as winter progresses. People stay in more, people talk less. 

I took my vitamins and went to my friends concert and then for dinner with the boy, which resulted into us getting dripping wet by the rain so we went home and watched two movies with a drinking game accompanied. We never finished the second one, well it was basically a pretty very nice night.

Sweater / Weekday
Playsuit / Vintage Weekday
Tights / Vintage
Boots / Roots

Have a lovely Sunday lovely birdies! 

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