Thursday, 9 October 2014

Warming up your room

Now that winter is coming, my room suddenly becomes more and more my living space, goodbye laying in parks and sitting by the sea. I don't tend to leave my warm duvet and my soft pillows much.
I think everybody should have a space which is theirs, which functions as a place to hide, and a place where you feel at peace.

My cozying up essentials include; (but are not limited to- did anybody do MUN guys?)

1. Candles,

Candles immediately set a more relaxed atmosphere in your room, the soft yellowish flames contribute to the soft light we all look for in our rooms. Plus they can smell great. Scented candles are also something important to look into, different smells can evoke different feelings. 
I always love lavender scented candles in the bathroom because they create a serene atmosphere 
For my room I either pick some flowery scent as it is light and the smells take me to a better place or I pick a woody scent which can help my focus and inspire me. 
There's great variety and loads of shops that offer scented candles, it's up to you to find which one you like best. 

2. Pillows,

I'm not talking about one or two, I'm talking about a lot of pillows. Firstly they make your bed so much more comfortable and versatile as you can position the pillows around the bed for your liking. I think automatically having lots of pillows makes your bed look like a nest, or a hideout when it's minis 15 degrees outside. I don't love sitting in my living room, so I'd rather have a super comfortable bed, where I can sit however I want along with tea, a book and my macbook. Plus they make great for pillow fights too!

3. A soft light

My parents have had this lamp for forever, but it's actually quite simple, I think a friend made it for them. It's basically three straight metallic rods the kind of cross over and hold up this paper, the light bulb rests in the middle. That was a terrible explanation but hey, the point is, I love the light that this thing yellowish paper allows to go through. I think light plays a huge role in the atmosphere in your room, think how much more harsh it would be if the light was white hospital light. 

These are just a few basic suggestions! Your room, for it to feel comfortable it has to be truly yours. Forget about this great inspo you found on tumblr, or how cool it looks to have an empty super clean minimalistic desk. If it doesn't work for you, then it won't look great and it won't feel nice to have. 
Project yourself on your room and it'll burst with cozyness - promise

Until next time (: 

The lightnings from my window are absolutely crazy, it's raining so so much it's perfectt

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