Monday, 27 October 2014


I can't think of any other texture that's more fitting for winter than velvet. Especially when it's some thick and rich and soft velvet. I own a velvet long sleeved, kind of form fitting dress and I absolutely adore it. It's incredibly velvety, and I feel amazing when I wear it. I know my best friend owns several velvet skirts, including a maxi purple one, which is worn out in some parts so it looks like the galaxy. 

You can find velvet in all kinds of shapes and forms. I like this top because it offers an interesting texture, without being bombastic. It goes well with other black items or a grey fluffy cardigan over it, or even a thick flannel. 

My camera died after this (I think it's the cold, the battery dies so fast) 
But you get the picture, velvet = winter for me! 

This is with one week difference, crazy huh? Goodbye leaves! 
Have a great week!! 
I'll be posting a plan concerning my detoxification for this week! 

kisses (: 

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