Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Update - 5 degrees, weekend

I am so exhausted. I am seriously sleepy all the time it's ridiculous. I think I was meant to go into hibernation when winter comes.
This weekend has been crazy. I've barely had any time to breathe, even less to blog. 


I went back to school to discuss my dark future with my IB coordinator, the meeting went super well, and since he was my Extended Essay supervisor I already know him very well, -it was chill. I'm still waiting for an answer to all of my questions. 

After that I met my friend and we went to lunch, had a delicious hummus sandwich. I was extremely tired for some reason. After that I went home and went with the boy to the irish pub, where we met his mum, dad, sister and grandmother who were all playing a quiz. I was feeling pretty bad and kind of cranky and not so much into drinking mood. I just wanted to sleep. We didn't win of course but it ended up being kind of fun. I walked to my mums which was super refreshing and babysat. I ended up playing tetris on the iPad for like 5 hours and made pancakes as midnight feast with my 11 year old sister. (Babysitter points I guess). I went to bed and slept like a log. 


My mum woke me up at 9 and I was very confused to wake up in my old bed. I showered and slowly got ready for the Baptism. I had woken up at around 5 am and couldn't sleep, so I was cranky and everything was wrong and I was tired. My makeup looked wrong, and I curled my hair but it wouldn't sit as I liked it and it was cold so I didn't know if I should wear tights and everything was very frustrating. 

I ended up switching my jewellery and shoes around 10 times, I also straightened my hair since y dress had this 70s vibe so I gave it the geometric hair details. 
(dress from Zara) 

I ended up running late so I didn't have time for an actual blog spot. 
The baptism was great, lots of food, cake (so much cake) and wine. The baby, mikel, is absolutely adorable and I talked to random couples and basically my boyfriends whole family. 
I got back to my mums to change, and I actually passed out. I was so so tired. I woke up around 7 and met my boyfriend with his mum, dad, sister, grandmother and grandfather at a brewery and then we went out for dinner. and then back to the brewery were me met randomly some other friends until we called it a night. 


In the morning I went to my mums to pick up some face creams and clothes. Marcus's family was coming over for dinner so I was kind of stressed -I ended up cleaning the apartment thoroughly. 
Dinner was nice, they brought berries and tarts, so all was good. 
After they left we watched midnight in paris (so lovely awhh) and also horns (with harry potter, which was terrible) 
I made pop corn and passed out pretty early. 

 That's the view from our window, it always cheers me up!

 I don't know why I feel so drained, but even while typing this my head is heavy and everything takes so much effort. 
Don't worry though I'm not forgetting you all. 
I have posts coming up this week. 

I hope I get some rest. 
I'M NOT EVEN DOING ANYTHING, that what makes me so mad. 

Hope you're all having a better time than me (: 

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