Monday, 6 October 2014

Scarves, grandma, friends and the never failing beautiful sky

Past few weeks have been crazy, my grandmother visited, my best friend from Edinburgh was here for this weekend, I had my 11 month anniversary, I went out a lot, caught up with some friends, shopped and sent multiple job applications, had a mental breakdown about my existence and ate too much pop corn. 

Here I am, it's monday again and I feel like getting back on track. I bought a wall calendar to keep me focused and motivated and I'm planning to go to the gym this week the days I'm not dancing. I'll update you guys on how that goes. 

Well one of the highlights I want to talk about, is my new purchase, this lovely grey scarf 

Everybody, and their mother own a version of that in Oslo right now, but I do really get why. It's super soft, comfortable and large and gives you the perfect cozy element along with cute styling because of its fringed end. 
It comes in many many colours, and you can find it from all different brands. I believe the trend started with the Acne Alaska and Canada scarf. They are both on my long term almost unreachable wish list, but for now I'm settling for something equally great and a lot less cheaper. 
I chose the grey one because I thought it'd look best with the coats I own, and would give a nice dimension since I usually wear black clothes. I also really like the wine red one and the beige and the light blue. 

Coat / Mango
Scarf / Cubus
Bag / Granit
Nails / Lilacism 

My camera died right after the last picture so I had to make use of my phones new self timer feature. 
Anyway, you get the idea, I've pretty much only being wearing this. 

As I leave you for today, enjoy these pictures of how the autumn sky looks like almost every day in this little beautiful city. 
Have a lovely week, I'll be back soon!

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