Saturday, 25 October 2014

Pamper Day/ Me Day/ Chill Day

Although I usually take a day to pamper myself on Sundays, today I needed it more than anything. It was one of those mornings that you wake up and feel dirty and suddenly you're so much more aware of your body. I was dehydrated and my hair was tangled from the rain and I looked down at myself and I thought I was going to cry.

Pamper days, (I really do hate the word pamper) I guess I can call them coddle days is when you take a day off from the rest of the world and treat yourself, with a long bath or a massage, a home done manicure, face masks, hair masks, waxing off the little hairs of your legs and so forth. Just taking time to take care of yourself from head to toe until you feel clean and pretty inside out.
I find that when I have a lot of things going on around me, it helps me calm down and regain my strength to face another week or so. 

I started off with a nice musli breakfast with rice milk and a smoothie, then I took a long shower, towel rubbed my hair and applied my avocado/honey hair mask, left it on for 20 minutes and then rinsed off. 
The recipe for the hair mask is super easy, you just mash avocado and add honey until it turns into a smooth mush. After that you just massage it on your scalp and on the ends of your hair. 
Avocado contains vitamin E, which is beneficial to your hair and promotes hair growth but also helps to retain moisture to your hair and along with the honey leaves your hair smooth and shiny! 

After that I decided that it was time to sit down and use my epilator to de-hair my legs. I have a simple epilator kind of like the one here. I personally prefer them much more to shaving and waxing. I've been using that as a method since I was 12 so the pain level has significantly decreased but even before that I would get my legs waxed professionally. The results are much more long-lasting than shaving and it really does not take that much time, also my leg hair has become much thinner and sparse- I can basically pluck a hair with my own fingers! 

I burn some candles in the meantime and play some music. Bon Iver was today's obsession, he relaxes me so much, especially songs like "Perth" or "For Emma" and "Woods". He expressed my mood exactly. 
When it comes to epilating my legs, I like to start from the bottom and move up, slowly in order to catch all the little hairs and going over spots again and again. I also use a tweezer to pull out any ingrown hair. After I'm done with one leg I'll take care of that legs and then move on to repeat it on the other leg. 
After all this is done (the second thigh is usually the worst part) I moisturise my legs, and I already feel much better. 

So after that I just put on one of Marcus's t-shirts, which are usually kind of long and baggy and comfy and had some of rose lemonade, which always makes me feel very bubbly inside. 
I then went to the grocery store bought some veggies and I'm planning to have a simple salad for dinner. I also put a face mask on by apivita which apparently revitalises and rejuvenates, those two sounded perfect for the occasion. 

The sky is already pitch dark and it's only 6 in the afternoon. 
Now the plan for the rest of the night is enjoy dinner and look at things to do in prague and also answer some emails and catch up with facebook messages

Hope you have lovely coddle days too (: 
Have a perfect weekend loves! 

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