Thursday, 30 October 2014


Yesterday the sun was out, which just lightens up everything. Although it did get 5 degrees colder. I don't really like complaining about the weather, it seems very pointless. It's beautiful outside so who cares if it's slightly colder. People complain too much these days and forget to take look around them. 
3 days till Prague, I am over the top with excitement. And tomorrow is halloween!?! wowow
I'm not doing anything special this year, Norway is kind of lame in that department, especially when at most places even though I'm 18, I'm not allowed to go because they're over 22 or 23. Anyways, I'm going out on Saturday and we said we'll be wearing a "festive" detail on us.
What are you all doing for halloween? 

Although it was slightly colder, I really felt like wearing a skirt. So by throwing this super warm jumper on I did not freeze. This A-line skirt is probably one of the most worn things in my closet, I've  worn it all year round and with pretty much everything, and from parties to conferences. I went with a monochrome theme, mixing patterns to make the outfit pop. Polka dots are a bit too much for me when worn on their own, but I love layering them under things so they show, just a bit. In this they work also as an extra layer to keep me warm. 

 Coat / Mango
Sweater / Bik Bok
Shirt / H&M
Skirt / Monki
Shoes / H&M

Yesterday was an extremely busy day, I spent two hours at the gym, came home, showered, changed and went to babysit my sister for a few hours where I cleaned my old room and sorted out some clothes I'll be taking with me to Prague, then I went to the "mall" (which I really don't like) I spent around an hour just staring at the same things because I get very overwhelmed when there're so many people and things around me, I ended up buying some things, then ran to the bus, caught it (!!!) and went home, dishes, Skype with the director of the play I'll be working in and then I collapsed in bed haha. 
Today is pretty similar so yay, it's currently sunny and 0 degrees. 
Good morning to you all, have a good one!

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