Thursday, 16 October 2014

Inspired by idressmyselff

You probably already know her, and if you don't you better check her blog out immediately. 

I discovered her from youtube and since then I've always been ending up on her blog, or channel. I love her style and her tattoos and just think she's super inspirational. Kind of use her as a fashion magazine, extracting bits and pieces that I can tone down to my style. 
Lately, I think it was in one of her youtube videos, she had some outfits, which were just amazing. And I found some new pieces that I'd love to add to my wardrobe. 

1. Nightfall Lace Collar Flare Sleeve, basically, this playsuit:

I don't own anything from oh my love london, but I've heard a lot about them and this playsuit is absolutely gorgeous, and in an extremely justifiable price. Of course the collar really draws me to it, but I also love the cut of it, and the slit in the back, the bell shaped sleeves. I think it's very simple, yet very unique at the same time, also easy to dress up or down. And I'd wear it throughout the seasons, except maybe not in the very deep winter of Norway. 
The quality looks very good, and the material not too thin. 
I love it. 

I think the picture doesn't do it justice. I wouldn't have been drawn to it if I just saw it on a website but it actually looked really cool when she styled it in her video. It actually is another simple piece yet with some edge. I'd also layer it under sweaters and have the details popping out. I like interesting black things. And also 22 pounds for a shirt is very sweet. 

You can't really go wrong with shoes from New Look, they're cheep and sometimes good quality as well! So these little lace ups, are kind of the style I've been looking for. So why not jump in and get them. I think they're very nice with skinny jeans, just giving a nice finish to an other ways simple outfit. 

Can't wait to style all of these (: 
Thank you idressmyselff 

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