Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Hat + Train

It was raining loads today and I had this huge impulse to buy something, I didn't have an umbrella and I saw this girl with a sort of bucket hat, so I decided it was time I find a hat that I like. I've always loved how people style floppy large hats but after a visit to H&M I discovered I looked rather very ridiculous in them. So I went around and I got so frustrated because this impulse wasn't going away. 
I gave up, and as I was walking to the buss stop I stopped at UFF a second hand store, and well there, I found it. 
So I got a hat

I really like it because it's not too large and it actually fits my tiny head and I don't look like I'm drowning in it. I think it's the perfect casual hat that you can throw on to everything and finish off an outfit but it doesn't scream as much a larger one does.
Feeling ready for autumn, I visited my best friend who has recently moved just 40 minutes outside of Oslo, really not that far, it just seems more complicated to go there.

 Fedora / UFF
Coat / Mango
Jeans / Bik Bok
Boots / Roots
Bag / Granit


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