Wednesday, 29 October 2014

H&M X shoes

Has anybody been to h&m recently? They have stepped up their game so much. I feel like at some point the quality was very bad and just everything seemed a bit trashy? Or well nothing that I would wear at least. 
I stopped by their store to pick up my shampoo (our h&m carries other brands of cosmetics as well!) and they had these shelves where they have some accessories and shoes, and the shoes. Oh my, I made the mistake of going on their website to see what other shoes they have and the choice has now become amazingly hard. Due to how cheap they are it makes it even hard to resist on one pair... 
I have some h&m ankle heeled booties and they have outlasted last winter in Norway so that says something about their quality. 

Platform Boots
Firstly, we have these "monster boots". If you know who Jenn Im or aka clothesencounters on youtube, then you know why these boots are appealing. Personally I can recognise why most would find them maybe a tad bit too much, and a tab bit too ugly, but in a strange way that's what draws me to them. I think they can make anything seem interesting, even going to the grocery store in skinnies and a t-shirt, and these would look effortlessly cool. Yes, I think that's exactly what they are. 
Because of how bold they are and bombastic I would pair them with something a bit more toned down like a pair of skinnies and a structured grey t-shirt or shirt for that matter with some simple jewellery. 

Leather Boots
These ones were the most "expensive" pair I liked, still cheap as it is leather and suede. I think they look very polished and put together. Classy, yet kind of edgy as well. They would go with everything, from oversized jumpers to, shirts, loose t-shirts maybe even dresses and skirts. I really enjoy the suede+leather they make a great smooth contrast combo. The only think that makes me kind of sceptical is that although I do really like them I am not sure if I'd like to wear them, if that makes sense. A lot of things are pretty but I don't want to wear all of them. 
Platform Boot

The classic chelsea shoe, with a platform, basically. Perfect for adding a bit of edge, as much as a bit of height. They are a great dupe for vagabond DIOON boots. 
Chelsea Boots
If you're looking for an everyday shoe, here it is, and in an amazing price too. Every single store that has shoes carries them nowadays, and you can find them in slightly different styles and colours. They go with absolutely everything, and can tone down any look. I love them with ankle socks and dresses or skirts but also jeans and loose fitting pants. They are extremely versatile and a must have basic for everybody's collection. 

Polished Platform Boots 
The more I look at these the more I like them, I feel they would look very mature and add something extra in an all black outfit for example, add a nice finishing line. Of course the platform is a plus! I think they add something dressy to your outfit and I can imagine myself prancing around in them all year round. 
Platform Boots
Chunky boots, I have a thing for them. I love the heavy build they have. The ribbed back detail really adds to the "chunkiness" and I feel as they would never fail to add instant style to an outfit. 

After I finished writing this,  I wasn't sure if I should laugh or cry because all the shoes are black, and pretty similar but to my eyes so different? I don't know what to do with myself

I'll keep you posted, Love -E

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