Friday, 24 October 2014

Exciting news! + cupcakes

Next month, I'm celebrating my one year anniversary (which is kinda cool when I think about it) and, the boy planned a trip for a week in Prague and I'm so excited and thankful ahhhhhhh
Prague is said to be absolutely lovely, and I wanna see the astrological clock, go to the aquarium, just walk around town, go to a beer spa (!?!?!??), TOPSHOP, markets, second hand stores, art and nightlife
I'm so so so so excited, I really can't wait! 

Also, from december I'm going to Athens for two and a half months to work as an second assistant director in a play at the National Theatre of Athens, which is again, kinda very cool! 
Of course I've invited all of my little Norwegians to visit me, which I hope they do because my house is pretty spacious and ahh I'm looking forward to that as well! It will be such a great change to live there again and the fact that it won't be minus 10 degrees means that I can wear clothes I like and take pictures and!!!!

I'm happy to take you all through these small adventures (: 
Keep tuned! 

Today I picked up my sister after school and helped her bake cupcakes and of course decorate them, not completely sure if they're edible
oh well 

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