Friday, 31 October 2014

Detox Water

I've lately been craving smoothies and juices and generally lots of water. So I thought why not spike it with a little bit of nutrients. 
One of my favourite combinations of detox or flavoured water is lemon and cucumber. They both add a fresh taste and honestly I can feel the health going down my throat. It's beautiful. 
It's super easy to make, a slice of both will suffice for a glass of water but you can cut up both lemon and cucumber completely and put it in a large bottle or a jar! 

Now to list just a few of their benefits (you'll be surprised) 

🍋 Lemon: 

❄︎ It is rich in calcium, potassium and vitamin C
❄︎ Thus helps you maintain your immune system, protecting you in that way of most types of infections
❄︎ Also purifies your blood! Works as a perfect antiseptic
❄︎ Aids digestion
❄︎ Helps nourish brain and nerve cells (because of the potassium) 
❄︎ Perfect for after a workout session as it replenishes body salts


❄︎ Helps with a hungover! Since it contains so much water, and alcohol dehydrates the body
❄︎ Cucumbers are also an excellent source of potassium and they have very little sodium so they are great for blood pressure
❄︎ They are full of skin-loving vitamins and minerals! 
❄︎ Such as Silica, so cucumbers increase moisture and improve elasticity in the skin, keeping it healthy! 
❄︎ Cucumbers are used in a lot of skin products for that reason, and also they keep connective tissue healthy, that's why you put them over your eyes! 

Other combinations would be watermelon/mint/lime or strawberries/mint etc 
Play around, tasty water is always better than plain water, and you get the nutrients as a bonus! Also it's much much much more healthy than so called "Vitamin Water" since those mostly contain chemicals and additives! 

Have you tried? What is your favourite!? 

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