Thursday, 16 October 2014

Bobby pins and fake cuts

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to follow a makeup artist to the TV-series set she works out. It was really nice and inspiring and I got a lot of tips and of course I love being on set, all of that creative air flowing around makes me incredibly happy. 

The set was in this huge warehouse and there was a room specifically for hair and makeup. The actors didn't have any special effects needed on them, or they weren't shooting something "creatively interesting" but I loved seeing the simple process of just preparing them for the camera and doing their hair and everything!
The lights, were two warm lamps, and one cool one, apparently it gives the best results, but you always have to check what the lights on the set are, so that the actors look alive and not flat. 

What impressed me the most was this wax foundation pallete  by maqpro
At first she applied a day cream and then a primer, and then with the small brush she applied the green concealer to cancel all red spots. After that she dipped the brush into two different colours and mixed them on the "mirror" after that she worked the foundation with the foundation brush on the skin. It looked very hard to spread, but after when I tried on my arm it was actually very smooth and easy. So she, worked, and worked, the wax on the actresses skin, it offers coverage and after 10 minutes it looks as she's not wearing anything. It was so impressive! I'd love to try it on my face as well! She didn't add any powder on top, only a cream blush on the apples of her cheeks and lips. 
The palette comes in so 6 different colours, so you can actually sculpt the face as you like, using the darker colour to contour, and the lighter to highlight, and it looks amazingly natural. 
It also looked great on camera!

(It was a brush heaven for me!)
Hygiene was one of the main things that were pointed out to me. Antiseptic was used every time before the makeup artist would touch the actresses face or even use a brush, also they used new mascara wands for every body. The actors/actresses were supposed to wear an apron, or a cape, you know, what you wear at the hairdresser. The room also was kept super clean at all times

(washing all the brushesss)

These were drying up for the next shooting day. They are silicon made cuts. The makeup artist, sculpts them and lets them dry until they become transparent, then they stick them on the skin, and just add blood and bruises. The outline is supposed to peel off, so only the part in the middle will be stuck on the skin, also it's inside out, like the pointy part will be going on the skin, so it looks like ana actual cut! 

I learnt a lot of interesting random facts, like what kind of powder you should carry on the set bag, and what to take into consideration when doing their eyebrows and lips, products that are makeup artist friendly, which one is the best lip balm in the world and how to make sock buns. 

and that bobby pins are never enough!

I'm probably going to follow her around some more, so wohoo!
If you have any makeup/hair related questions I'm sure she'd love to answer them all (: 
Have a good thursday, it's literally 0 degrees right now, help. 

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