Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Back to school

Today I found myself in a very familiar yet unfamiliar place. The people are the same yet the building is different. I had to go by my old school to ask a question regarding my results and sign up for my retake exam in math, not happy about that grade, ugh. 
The plan was to incorporate in my outfit some essential school clothing pieces that I believe could inspire you in your everyday wardrobe. However, I had forgotten that in Norway very often it gets cold. So I basically froze to death. 
Stay warm lovelies!

A little bit about the outfit, I think a slouchy, comfy sweater is definitely a must as it keeps you warm, cozy, and is great for adding texture. I picked this one mainly because I fell in love with the colour, and the cut. It's slightly more olive green than in the picture and I find brings the green out in my eyes, plus it adds a little bit of colour, while still keeping a nice autumn pallet. 

I love shirts, and especially layering them under sweaters - keeps you a bit warmer also -, I think this elephant grey one compliments the sweater great and the collar peeping out and the rolled sleeves pull everything together.

When it comes to jeans, for me it's ripped knee jeans all the way, at least until heavy winter strikes. This pair is so extremely comfy and stretchy and soft. I think they give a little something to a quite simple outfit.
As for shoes, my heeled booties would be a go to if I went everyday to school, they go with everything and are actually very comfortable to walk in. 

As for jewellery less is more for me at least, I would not really wear heavy necklaces and tons of rings to school, and especially not a lot of bangles as they can be the most annoying thing in class. 
I wore a pair of rings in each hand, and a simple crystal necklace, to finish the outfit off. 
Ignore my first nail, I have a bad habit of peeling off my nails when I'm stressed.

Hair and makeup, well I'd keep it simple, who has the time or the courage to do something elaborate at 6 am. 

Sweater / Zara
Jeans / Bik Bok
Shirt / Bik Bok 
Crystal Necklace / Brandy Melville 
Rings / Gina Tricot + Weekday
Shoes / H&M
Bag / Granit
Trench Coat / Pull & Bear

Exclusive footage of my freezing outside of school:

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