Friday, 31 October 2014

Detox Water

I've lately been craving smoothies and juices and generally lots of water. So I thought why not spike it with a little bit of nutrients. 
One of my favourite combinations of detox or flavoured water is lemon and cucumber. They both add a fresh taste and honestly I can feel the health going down my throat. It's beautiful. 
It's super easy to make, a slice of both will suffice for a glass of water but you can cut up both lemon and cucumber completely and put it in a large bottle or a jar! 

Now to list just a few of their benefits (you'll be surprised) 

🍋 Lemon: 

❄︎ It is rich in calcium, potassium and vitamin C
❄︎ Thus helps you maintain your immune system, protecting you in that way of most types of infections
❄︎ Also purifies your blood! Works as a perfect antiseptic
❄︎ Aids digestion
❄︎ Helps nourish brain and nerve cells (because of the potassium) 
❄︎ Perfect for after a workout session as it replenishes body salts


❄︎ Helps with a hungover! Since it contains so much water, and alcohol dehydrates the body
❄︎ Cucumbers are also an excellent source of potassium and they have very little sodium so they are great for blood pressure
❄︎ They are full of skin-loving vitamins and minerals! 
❄︎ Such as Silica, so cucumbers increase moisture and improve elasticity in the skin, keeping it healthy! 
❄︎ Cucumbers are used in a lot of skin products for that reason, and also they keep connective tissue healthy, that's why you put them over your eyes! 

Other combinations would be watermelon/mint/lime or strawberries/mint etc 
Play around, tasty water is always better than plain water, and you get the nutrients as a bonus! Also it's much much much more healthy than so called "Vitamin Water" since those mostly contain chemicals and additives! 

Have you tried? What is your favourite!? 

Thursday, 30 October 2014


Yesterday the sun was out, which just lightens up everything. Although it did get 5 degrees colder. I don't really like complaining about the weather, it seems very pointless. It's beautiful outside so who cares if it's slightly colder. People complain too much these days and forget to take look around them. 
3 days till Prague, I am over the top with excitement. And tomorrow is halloween!?! wowow
I'm not doing anything special this year, Norway is kind of lame in that department, especially when at most places even though I'm 18, I'm not allowed to go because they're over 22 or 23. Anyways, I'm going out on Saturday and we said we'll be wearing a "festive" detail on us.
What are you all doing for halloween? 

Although it was slightly colder, I really felt like wearing a skirt. So by throwing this super warm jumper on I did not freeze. This A-line skirt is probably one of the most worn things in my closet, I've  worn it all year round and with pretty much everything, and from parties to conferences. I went with a monochrome theme, mixing patterns to make the outfit pop. Polka dots are a bit too much for me when worn on their own, but I love layering them under things so they show, just a bit. In this they work also as an extra layer to keep me warm. 

 Coat / Mango
Sweater / Bik Bok
Shirt / H&M
Skirt / Monki
Shoes / H&M

Yesterday was an extremely busy day, I spent two hours at the gym, came home, showered, changed and went to babysit my sister for a few hours where I cleaned my old room and sorted out some clothes I'll be taking with me to Prague, then I went to the "mall" (which I really don't like) I spent around an hour just staring at the same things because I get very overwhelmed when there're so many people and things around me, I ended up buying some things, then ran to the bus, caught it (!!!) and went home, dishes, Skype with the director of the play I'll be working in and then I collapsed in bed haha. 
Today is pretty similar so yay, it's currently sunny and 0 degrees. 
Good morning to you all, have a good one!

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

H&M X shoes

Has anybody been to h&m recently? They have stepped up their game so much. I feel like at some point the quality was very bad and just everything seemed a bit trashy? Or well nothing that I would wear at least. 
I stopped by their store to pick up my shampoo (our h&m carries other brands of cosmetics as well!) and they had these shelves where they have some accessories and shoes, and the shoes. Oh my, I made the mistake of going on their website to see what other shoes they have and the choice has now become amazingly hard. Due to how cheap they are it makes it even hard to resist on one pair... 
I have some h&m ankle heeled booties and they have outlasted last winter in Norway so that says something about their quality. 

Platform Boots
Firstly, we have these "monster boots". If you know who Jenn Im or aka clothesencounters on youtube, then you know why these boots are appealing. Personally I can recognise why most would find them maybe a tad bit too much, and a tab bit too ugly, but in a strange way that's what draws me to them. I think they can make anything seem interesting, even going to the grocery store in skinnies and a t-shirt, and these would look effortlessly cool. Yes, I think that's exactly what they are. 
Because of how bold they are and bombastic I would pair them with something a bit more toned down like a pair of skinnies and a structured grey t-shirt or shirt for that matter with some simple jewellery. 

Leather Boots
These ones were the most "expensive" pair I liked, still cheap as it is leather and suede. I think they look very polished and put together. Classy, yet kind of edgy as well. They would go with everything, from oversized jumpers to, shirts, loose t-shirts maybe even dresses and skirts. I really enjoy the suede+leather they make a great smooth contrast combo. The only think that makes me kind of sceptical is that although I do really like them I am not sure if I'd like to wear them, if that makes sense. A lot of things are pretty but I don't want to wear all of them. 
Platform Boot

The classic chelsea shoe, with a platform, basically. Perfect for adding a bit of edge, as much as a bit of height. They are a great dupe for vagabond DIOON boots. 
Chelsea Boots
If you're looking for an everyday shoe, here it is, and in an amazing price too. Every single store that has shoes carries them nowadays, and you can find them in slightly different styles and colours. They go with absolutely everything, and can tone down any look. I love them with ankle socks and dresses or skirts but also jeans and loose fitting pants. They are extremely versatile and a must have basic for everybody's collection. 

Polished Platform Boots 
The more I look at these the more I like them, I feel they would look very mature and add something extra in an all black outfit for example, add a nice finishing line. Of course the platform is a plus! I think they add something dressy to your outfit and I can imagine myself prancing around in them all year round. 
Platform Boots
Chunky boots, I have a thing for them. I love the heavy build they have. The ribbed back detail really adds to the "chunkiness" and I feel as they would never fail to add instant style to an outfit. 

After I finished writing this,  I wasn't sure if I should laugh or cry because all the shoes are black, and pretty similar but to my eyes so different? I don't know what to do with myself

I'll keep you posted, Love -E

Monday, 27 October 2014


I can't think of any other texture that's more fitting for winter than velvet. Especially when it's some thick and rich and soft velvet. I own a velvet long sleeved, kind of form fitting dress and I absolutely adore it. It's incredibly velvety, and I feel amazing when I wear it. I know my best friend owns several velvet skirts, including a maxi purple one, which is worn out in some parts so it looks like the galaxy. 

You can find velvet in all kinds of shapes and forms. I like this top because it offers an interesting texture, without being bombastic. It goes well with other black items or a grey fluffy cardigan over it, or even a thick flannel. 

My camera died after this (I think it's the cold, the battery dies so fast) 
But you get the picture, velvet = winter for me! 

This is with one week difference, crazy huh? Goodbye leaves! 
Have a great week!! 
I'll be posting a plan concerning my detoxification for this week! 

kisses (: 

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Pamper Day/ Me Day/ Chill Day

Although I usually take a day to pamper myself on Sundays, today I needed it more than anything. It was one of those mornings that you wake up and feel dirty and suddenly you're so much more aware of your body. I was dehydrated and my hair was tangled from the rain and I looked down at myself and I thought I was going to cry.

Pamper days, (I really do hate the word pamper) I guess I can call them coddle days is when you take a day off from the rest of the world and treat yourself, with a long bath or a massage, a home done manicure, face masks, hair masks, waxing off the little hairs of your legs and so forth. Just taking time to take care of yourself from head to toe until you feel clean and pretty inside out.
I find that when I have a lot of things going on around me, it helps me calm down and regain my strength to face another week or so. 

I started off with a nice musli breakfast with rice milk and a smoothie, then I took a long shower, towel rubbed my hair and applied my avocado/honey hair mask, left it on for 20 minutes and then rinsed off. 
The recipe for the hair mask is super easy, you just mash avocado and add honey until it turns into a smooth mush. After that you just massage it on your scalp and on the ends of your hair. 
Avocado contains vitamin E, which is beneficial to your hair and promotes hair growth but also helps to retain moisture to your hair and along with the honey leaves your hair smooth and shiny! 

After that I decided that it was time to sit down and use my epilator to de-hair my legs. I have a simple epilator kind of like the one here. I personally prefer them much more to shaving and waxing. I've been using that as a method since I was 12 so the pain level has significantly decreased but even before that I would get my legs waxed professionally. The results are much more long-lasting than shaving and it really does not take that much time, also my leg hair has become much thinner and sparse- I can basically pluck a hair with my own fingers! 

I burn some candles in the meantime and play some music. Bon Iver was today's obsession, he relaxes me so much, especially songs like "Perth" or "For Emma" and "Woods". He expressed my mood exactly. 
When it comes to epilating my legs, I like to start from the bottom and move up, slowly in order to catch all the little hairs and going over spots again and again. I also use a tweezer to pull out any ingrown hair. After I'm done with one leg I'll take care of that legs and then move on to repeat it on the other leg. 
After all this is done (the second thigh is usually the worst part) I moisturise my legs, and I already feel much better. 

So after that I just put on one of Marcus's t-shirts, which are usually kind of long and baggy and comfy and had some of rose lemonade, which always makes me feel very bubbly inside. 
I then went to the grocery store bought some veggies and I'm planning to have a simple salad for dinner. I also put a face mask on by apivita which apparently revitalises and rejuvenates, those two sounded perfect for the occasion. 

The sky is already pitch dark and it's only 6 in the afternoon. 
Now the plan for the rest of the night is enjoy dinner and look at things to do in prague and also answer some emails and catch up with facebook messages

Hope you have lovely coddle days too (: 
Have a perfect weekend loves! 

Friday, 24 October 2014

Exciting news! + cupcakes

Next month, I'm celebrating my one year anniversary (which is kinda cool when I think about it) and, the boy planned a trip for a week in Prague and I'm so excited and thankful ahhhhhhh
Prague is said to be absolutely lovely, and I wanna see the astrological clock, go to the aquarium, just walk around town, go to a beer spa (!?!?!??), TOPSHOP, markets, second hand stores, art and nightlife
I'm so so so so excited, I really can't wait! 

Also, from december I'm going to Athens for two and a half months to work as an second assistant director in a play at the National Theatre of Athens, which is again, kinda very cool! 
Of course I've invited all of my little Norwegians to visit me, which I hope they do because my house is pretty spacious and ahh I'm looking forward to that as well! It will be such a great change to live there again and the fact that it won't be minus 10 degrees means that I can wear clothes I like and take pictures and!!!!

I'm happy to take you all through these small adventures (: 
Keep tuned! 

Today I picked up my sister after school and helped her bake cupcakes and of course decorate them, not completely sure if they're edible
oh well 

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Seasonal Affective Disorder, bed time story

Or commonly known as SAD. Maybe if you don't live in the far up north, you may have never heard of it, but it exists and affects a great amount of people each year. I'm not a doctor and my information may be a bit flawed but I also speak from experience. SAD, is a type of depression which usually occurs during the fall and winter, and is caused by seasonal changes. You may find yourself feeling extremely tired (all the time), or you may feel your limbs very heavy, you may oversleep a lot and also become extra sensitive to rejection. Your fears suddenly become larger, and so do your stress levels and you may find yourself staying at home more and craving foods rich in carbohydrates (pasta, lots of pasta). It differs with the general definition of clinical depression, because SAD is much more physical than emotional (in my opinion), however they are quite close. 
It is important to recognise these "winter blues" especially if they occur for days at a time and interfere with your life. 

When I first moved to Norway the winter went by in a blink. It was snowing for three months, and everything was lovely and white and new and exciting. I never noticed how I would not see the sun for days or that it was already night time when I would get back from school.
However the second year (last year), I found myself in this melancholic state. It was not snowing, it was cold and it was raining around 70% of the time. It was grey and gloomy and my finals were coming up, along with university applications and future plans. I was numb for the most of it, I felt like I could barely move from my bed, I was fatigued and I cried a lot. 
I remember during late february when I came back from winter holidays and the skies were thick grey and rainy and humid for three weeks straight. I thought I couldn't take it honestly. It was pretty bad, but the sun does always come out in the end. 

That doesn't make it any less bad. If you find yourself during the winter months under these symptoms and they affect your studying and your social life, then it will be a lot easier if you look into it. For the longest time I felt slightly embarrassed because I knew I was not "depressed', I was just tired and a bit sad. It was a relief to have an explanation, or a label put on what I was feeling because then it was easier to understand how to fix it. 
Treatments include sun-like lamps, pills and psychologist appointments. I personally did not do the first two. In my opinion stay away from pills, you don't need "antidepressants" to teach your body how to be happy, there are vitamin supplements that can help your energy levels, but that's as far as I would go. 
Personally, what helped during all those months, were a few things. Firstly, I had just started dating Marcus who never failed to make me happy, took my mind off things and sometimes let me be sad, but in his arms. It helped a lot, it made me feel less lonely and less scared of the future. Also, I had my lovely friends, chatting with them at school was always nice, going for lunch or for coffee, having chill nights and "study" nights. Just make sure you don't push those people away, they like you as much as you like them, I promise (: Having a hobby also helps, for me it was dancing, it filled me with energy and exercise releases "happy hormones".

My point through all this rant is that, now fall is here and especially in Oslo it's rather dark and rainy, and I'm already feeling the weight of the winter. Bad mornings will happen, and maybe you'll stay in bed sometimes and skip a class, but that's okay. As long as you don't forget that nothing is wrong with you, take your time and do things you enjoy and talk, talk, talk. Nobody will be frustrated when hearing your problems, because they're legit, and real.

Now take care all of you
I'll see you tomorrow, hopefully !
with more lifestyle related posts 

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Fujifilm instax mini 8 and all that jazz

Monday was a busy day, ran errands with the boy and also picked up my new fujifilm instax mini 8 -longest name ever- camera. 
I owned one before but mid summer it stopped working. I would try to take a picture and all the lights would start to blink and then nothing basically. So I recently took it back to the shop and asked if it was fixable. Turns out it wasn't but they ordered a new one for me (for free). I'm not sure if it was defective product or it was my fault but I must say I was a bit disappointed. 
Now a little bit about the camera itself.

You've probably seen those around, probably seen them everywhere. They're all over instagram, tumblr, even pictures of the pictures are getting uploaded on facebook. 
Essentially it's an instant camera, super easy to use and in an adorable design. It comes in 5 different colours and with 2 batteries and wrist band. The design makes it super user friendly as it basically only has two buttons and 5 different settings. One button pops up the lens (turns on the camera), the other button takes the picture et voila there you have it! 

The settings are rather easy as well, when turning the camera on, a light will appear on whichever setting the camera has automatically detected is right. The you simply turn the the lens to the correct light (or in fact whichever you desire) and snap, take the picture. The high key setting at the end, means basically that the image is pretty much evenly lit from left to right, without shadows falling on part of your subject, kind of like an overexposed picture.
Sadly I have to warn you, you will make mistakes, and some pictures will come out in a different way than how you expected them, but that's also the fun of it!

Generally, I'm very pleased with it, it's fun to play around with and I love keeping a polaroid or two in my purse, using a failed one as a bookmark and so forth. I think they are a reasonable size and quality. I was just a tad bit disappointing about how it managed to brake that easily but other than that, it has given my moneys worth. 

I think it would be great to use for special events, such as parties, weddings, wine nights, business conferences, vacations etc. Like a cool idea would be (now that halloween is approaching fast) if you have a costume themed party to take a picture of all the guests, in their costumes and everything. 

Generally I really like it and would recommend it! Don't be wasteful with the film and have fun!