Monday, 22 September 2014

Winter Colours + ootd

Winter is my favourite season, although by the end of it I always complain and say how awful it is, it's the only season I crave all year round. 
I love the transition of autumn, with the leaves falling, the nights becoming crispier, the people withdraw in their warm homes. Then it comes, the first snow, the first day of below zero, the darkness. I'm very at peace in the winter, like all my moves are calculated, like there's no space to do anything else. 

So autumn has come, and the abrupt change in colours is always a slap in the face. I have to admit, I really do love the colours that exist in the spring and summer, all those greens and yellows, blues and purples.
Winter is, a bit more dull and considered a bit depressing. However I do not find this a case, colours are still there to make you smile and forget about the greyness in your mind and in the sky. Wether their on your clothes or around you. Suddenly this bright red truck struggling through the snow in a dark winter night can be brighter than the sun. 

Today I decided to go for something cozy and warmish and kind of autumish as well. I love my maroon coloured jeans (although they have faded out slightly) and my thick knit sweater on top, I just find that it's such a lovely way to get away from the constant black (that I tend to go for) 

Leather Jacket / Bik Bok
Sweater / Bik Bok
Jeans / Zara
Bag / American Apparel
Boots / Roots

I tend to close up to myself during winter, think and sleep a lot. I'm hoping that this winter will be better than the last because I won't have any stress from school exams coming up and such. 
I'm looking forward for endless peppermint tea, soups, cozying up with friends in warm looking cafes, reading books while the snowflakes dance outside, and snuggling with the boy under the covers.

What are you looking forward to? 
Kisses from 8 degrees Oslo 

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