Friday, 26 September 2014

Trench coat

When I was on vacation in Athens, I was leaving for Oslo on Sunday evening and last minute on Saturday, literally begged the guard to let me in I popped in Pull & Beat and bought this long black trench coat. 
I love how it's being styled this season, I've seen a lot of people with trainers and ponytails and really simple outfits. I think a trench coat is one of those basic pieces that everybody should have in their wardrobe. It can be beige or black or green or whatever fits your style best. It's such an easy way to tie an outfit together.

I put together this super simple yet interesting outfit, I love the effect layering different textures creates. I wanted the focal point to be the collar so I chose some dark blue skinny jeans, black fluffy sweater and a gold simple chain necklace. I like how the collar gives structure and a perfect finish line. My trench coat just binds everything together. 

Shirt / Bik Bok
Sweater / Weekday
Jeans / Bik Bok
Trench Coat / Pull & Bear
Gold necklace / Weekday 
Rings / Weekday + Gina Tricot
Boots / Roots 
Bag / American Apparel

I had my hair in a bun after I showered last night, so today I woke up with lovely huge curls, sadly it's unbelievably windy here, so they got flat in a matter of minutes. 
Oh well! 
The weather is so incredibly confusing. I also carried a black scarf with me, which I ended up putting on, and then taking off along with my sweater because I thought I was going to melt from the heat. 

I think it's a good outfit for this transitional weather, the trench coat is not too warm but you can always wrap yourself into it for this extra fabric heat, layering is pretty convenient as well, and carrying a large bag, always comes in handy. 

I had a very chill morning, I went with my mum to leave my CV at certain places and then we got some things from Granit for my apartment and I also got a new bag and sushi for lunch yumms. 

Tonight I'm seeing some friends at my favourite place here, called Fyret. 

Kisses, Have a lovely weekend my dears! 


  1. Woow how beautiful you are! :o

    1. thank you lovely (:
      have a nice day!