Thursday, 4 September 2014

The boyfriend flannel

I've been searching for a good flannel all my life, and yesterday as I was doing the laundry I found it. It belongs to Marcus, but oh well, he doesn't mind me taking it some times. 
Ii's exactly what I've been looking for, the colours are ideal as well, not too light not too messy. The perfect mix of grey, black and a ting of purple. It's soft, baggy but not huge, not too thin, not too thick, it's perfect I cannot say more than that. 
It's from Weekday, men's section (obviously) which I will be visiting soon to look for my own. 
We didn't do anything today but go to ikea, so I just put together something really comfortable and casual. 
This v-neck/slouchy grey t-shirt is from Zara (trf) but has such impressive quality, it's super soft kind of stretchy and I've washed it several times and it's still as good as new! I'm planning to go hunt down the other colours as well. It's a really good basic if you're in search for one. 
My jeans are from Weekday, just another basic grey garment, I don't always like them on me, because as they're not stretchy at all you can feel like you're suffocating. But their quality is excellent as well. 
Of course I'm carrying my k√•nken which has been with me through a lot, I really like how there's a pop of colour in this grey, monochrome outfit. 
My boots finally are from H&M, I bought them in a time of need (I was in a MUN conference in Turkey and I realised I only had docs with me) as I've never bought shoes from H&M before. They have surprised me to have lasted for so long, and are still completely wearable.
My little crystal necklace is from Brandy Mellvile and I have gotten so much use out of it, it's so simple and elegant and never fails to give this extra something to plain outfits.

Until next time, bye!

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