Monday, 1 September 2014

Piknik i Parken festival 2014

It has been an amazing experience, all the artists were absolutely perfect, Daughter was breathtaking, John Grant put up an amazing show. The vibe of the festival was chill and happy and I've discovered so many new artists, like Lissie or Siri Nilsen.
This weekend has been beautiful. 

It started off at around 7:30 on saturday, I was going to meet my Bethany to go see Daughter and also hang out with Karin who was going to the festival, it was slightly raining which was a bit sad as it was supposed to be a picnic and a lay down kind of festival, however, Norwegian don't budge. The festival had been going on since 11 so people were already there and drinking, eating and searching for blankets.
(Raincoats can be stylish you know!)
I had my own raincoat on, some black skinnies, a black fluffy sweater and my red kånken backpack, kind of hard to keep the festival wear when it's 10 degrees outside!

When we arrived and passed from the volunteer check in station, we got our wrist band a free bag and a t-shirt. (Still cannot believe I got to see so many artists and also got all their band t-shirts and a festival bag all for just working in the merchendise stand which we could see the scene from our seats and had free food, endless tea and tons of blankets) 
On stage at that point was Nils Bech giving it all he had with a very unique choreography, it put is in the happy-festival mood immediately.

When he finished, it was time for Daughter, I almost cried of anticipation. Their band was the cutest I have ever experienced, all on stage, Elena and Igor speaking with their perfect british accents, they just made it look so natural and made themselves appear human. The deep drum sounds made me get goosebumps at some point and I swear I teared up during smother, it was all too good.
It was raining and we were dancing and it was perfect

She kept smiling and laughing and talking to us, it was adorable. 
They closed off the first day of the festival in a magical way

I came home soaking wet and very very happy!
Day two now!!!!!

The weather was already significantly better, cloudy yet it looked like the sun was going to come out any minute, still a bit chilly though. I had some plain grey jeans and a cable knit cardigan to keep me warm on.

I was there around 9:45 and changed into my PiP t-shirt, we set up in the merchandise tent really fast. There was this creative atmosphere, an hour before the gates opened, everybody was running around and planning last minute things and everybody was happy, it was lovely.

We had a crazy good spot, we could see the arena and also be protected from the possibility of the rain. Our job was the easiest ever, we had to sell festival bags, festival t-shirts, and the occasional band merchandise that came in, also give out free festival programmes and free blankets. 

The theme at the festival was kind of alternative and it was all about good quality. The food stands were the best I've ever seen, on one side they offered a buffet with biological fresh vegetables, good meat and cheese's but also a picnic menu with peanut butter, cheese, salami, bread, nuts fruits and vegetables, it looked delicious! 
They also had another stand where they sold a vegetarian pizza with salad and alveoli on the side, and also a flat bread wrap with sort of a soya burger and tons of salad and alveoli. 

How cute is this stand?
I had to get the pizza of course, while Bethany got the wrap and we shared

It was SOME AMAZING food, ugh, I wish I could eat like this every day. 

We had two one hour breaks, in which we went up front and enjoyed the music and also danced to John Grant at the end. Well, even when we were at our post, we were dancing in our tent, nothing stops us really. 

It was a completely worth it experience, I loved every bit of it and I'm looking forward to coming back next year! 

 makeup/jewellery details, I am not that pale I swear omg. 

And now it's September! 
Time to get serious. 
How was your weekend? Hope it was great!! What are your plans for September? 

Until next time, bye ** 

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