Tuesday, 23 September 2014


On Sunday I had tickets for "Ghosts - Ibsens Gengangere" a psychological modern ballet thriller. I always look forward to going to the opera and I'm a sucker for everything that contains dancing in it, so of course, I went. 
It was good, although I struggled to understand the plot, but on the other hand, that's what I love how dancing provokes the emotions in you - it doesn't matter whether you have fully grasped every detail, this overall feeling it leaves on you, that's what matters

The weather was, well, grey, and the opera white, and the sea dark and I wasn't feeling much colour either. 

I put together something dressy, not too fancy and cozy at the same time. I love how long the cardigan is and how it gives the outfit a bit of laid back look. The silky material of the dress makes it a bit more fancy, and along the heeled ankle boots balances that perfect amount of casual and dressy. 

T-shirt dress / Monki
Cardigan / Bik Bok
Necklaces / MTWTFSS weekday + Cos
Heeled Boots / H&M 
Bag / Fjallraven kånken

Apart from watching all the dancing, the opera is my favourite place to go out to, it's interior and architecture is simply amazing. I cannot get tired of looking at, it stands out in the greyness of winter and in the summer it shines brighter than the sun. 

It's a must for tourists but also a place where even locals tend to be around, not only for the shows, but the food and the bathrooms (I love their bathrooms) and just like sitting on the edge and looking at the fjord. 

The plan is to go to as many shows as I can this year, it sparks this creativity and motivation in me. 
Do you enjoy ballet or opera? 

love, from the north


  1. Lovely photos. The architecture for that building is beautiful. I've never been to the ballet or the opera although I would love to. It's something that looks so elegant and classy xx

    1. Thank you! Whenever you get the chance to go I would fully recommend it, there's something magical when you're being surrounded by all this elegance and classiness, like you said.
      xx (: