Wednesday, 24 September 2014

October Wishlist *insert leaf symbol*

I cannot believe it's almost October. 6 more days! Schools have autumn break next week, woah. 
The light here has changed, the leaves are falling, and it is significantly getting colder.
I haven't really been shopping, or in the mood to shop at all. However there are some items that have grown on me and I'm looking forward to purchasing this october. 
I feel pretty content with my wardrobe at the moments, which rarely happens so I'm grasping the opportunity to make use of all the pieces I have been collecting.

1. Butterfly hair pins

Although my clothes are rather simple, I love hair jewellery. Not headbands and such, but small decorated bobby pins or hair scrunchies.
These hairpins caught my eye, with the dangling detail. I think it would look beautiful in a simple updo on a dinner out, or even something more casual.

Oysho / 3.99 Euros

2. Chelsea Boots 

I wear my roots ankle boots a lot, I have to admit. I'd love to add to my shoe collection something a bit more classy and slightly more delicate and in that way let my other boots rest for some days! I love the structure of these, you can't get any closer to a perfect chelsea boot. They also come in a lovely brown which I may consider since I do own a little bit too many black shoes.
My roots ankle boots are also fur lined, which make them perfect for the winter but kind of limit their wear in the spring/summer, I feel like these chelsea boots would be so nice with even skirts and dresses. / 499 NOK - 39.95 Euros

3. Fluffy cardigan

I love everything about cardigans and I wish I owned more. They're such good pieces to own for every occasion. In the winter I love layering them over jeans and a more interesting top, in the autumn just wearing them as a coat. In more formal events I love having a cardigan over to keep me warm and I can easily take it off whenever I feel more comfortable.
I specifically love the texture of this, it gives an interesting touch in a simple outfit and can also tone down something more flashy. Comes in different colours as well!

Bik Bok / 399 NOK - 44.95 Euros

 4. Loafers

I've never felt like I could pull off loafers, or that my style could pull off loafers, then I tried these Zara ones on, and I wasn't sure if I could ever take them off. I love the polished look, you can be wearing all black and these and suddenly your outfit looks incredibly chic and cool. I would stay away from skirts and dresses but honestly, these with a pair of jeans and a shirt, woah.
My only issue is that I won't be able to wear them a lot with Norways weather.

Zara / 399 NOK - 29.99 Euros


5. Platform lace up shoes

These remind me of the vagabond DIOON shoes, but I somehow like them a lot better, and they are a lot cheaper as well! I think they look as polishes as the loafers above, but I could wear them a lot more. They would also look cute with sheer ankle socks and a skirt or a dress. I think they're very versatile and look absolutely amazing as well

Zara / 399 NOK - 29.99 Euros

6. Simple grey scarf

I don't mind walking in minus 10 degrees without gloves or a hat, but I need a scarf. From the point where the temperature drops below 15 you'll always see me with a scarf outside. I own a lot of thick knit scarves and a few more big soft scarves like this. And also I'd love a grey one! I think it would look so good with my long black trench coat, chelsea boots, simple leather bag. Kind of like a replica of acne scarf, which is in my long term wishlist,  mmmm can't wait!

Bik Bok / 199 NOK - 19.95 Euros

7. Faux leather backpack 

I've been looking for a faux leather backpack for such a long time, but none of them was what I had in mind - this isn't either, yet it has something really interesting about it. I'm looking forward to seeing it from up close and finding out if I truly like it or not.
It looks quite handy and stylish, definitely one of these must have basics.

Bik Bok / 399 NOK - 44.95 Euros

8. Turtleneck top

Turtlenecks are back. I've avoided turtlenecks all my life because I always thought they looked strange on my neck as it is just a tad bit longer than average. But I really do love how their being styled this autumn and I really want to add some in my wardrobe. I'm still looking for a thick knit turtleneck sweater.
I love this because it can be layered very nicely(wohooo! for winter!) and it's black so is a nice basic to experiment with. I kind of wish it was a bit cropped, but it can always be tucked in high waisted pants, and some loafers or platform shoes mhmmm

Cubus / 179 NOK - 19.90 Euros

 Hope you all are excited for fall, like I am! 
what are your autumn wishes?

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