Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Benefit Cosmetics Review

I fell in love with Benefit from a very young age, and that was mostly due, to the packaging. It was so lovely and intriguing and made me want to try everything. It took my some time until I could justify spending the money for the products that I needed and that was once I already had some experience with makeup. I spent a lot of time reading reviews of especially foundations and mascaras and I always find them extremely helpful, so here's one of my own;
A small review of the products I own, or have tried

1. The POREfessional

This fulfilled all of its expectations. You see a lot of people raving about it, and with good reason. It smoothens out my face, does not clog my pores, only minimises them and on top of that it doesn't break me out. It also helps my makeup stay put all day and keeps the oil and shine away!
2. Hello Flawless oxygen wow! colour: Ivory - fair

I had great expectations of this foundation yet it did not meet them. Colour was slightly too dark for my skin, and also did not last long and became quite cakey throughout the day. However it does brighten and hydrate my skin. I do use it sometimes, but definitely not my go to foundation.
3.  Hello Flawless! colour: petal

Absolutely loved this product, I've definitely went through at least two boxes. It's light, yet provides coverage, does not pack on your face, the colour although slightly too dark does not bother me and it comes in this super handy packaging. I do not feel as it clogs my pores, and in my worst skin days it did not break me out! Perfect for touch ups during the day.
 4. Dandelion

I had been dying to try this, I love dandelions, I love the packaging, I love this perfect pink it puts on my cheeks. Not too bright, not to pale, jut perfect, it adds a little colour and nobody can tell you have blush on. It's soft and gives this beautiful glow, and also sculpts my face. I have nothing bad to say about this. If you have pale to normal skin I would 10000% recommend.

5. Posietint

Not too much to say about posietint, it dries a bit too fast on my skin when I apply it as a blush so I would recommend dapping it on the back of your palm first and then patting it on your cheeks. Even though, however it doesn't give as much of a strong colour to make any difference at all. Same on the lips it leaves a pink finish which doesn't last for very long. Would not repurchase probably.
 6. High beam

High beam was on my wish list for such a long time, and I've loved every drop of it. This pinkish highlighter just fits with my skin tone so perfectly, it illuminates my skin without being too glittery or sticky. It's easy to apply and spread and sets very nicely on the skin. Perfect for a dewey finish. I will definitely invest in the full bottle soon.
 7. Creaseless cream shadow colour: sparkling champagne (I think!)

I was on vacation with my friend, so I ended up using it every day as a base. I don't have as much experience with it to say for sure, but what I've seen was pretty good! The colour I used was the perfect light brown to use as a base, or only that! It covers all of the small veins and stays put for as long as I had it on! I am planning to get one for myself soon.

8. They're real! mascara                                                                                           

Very mixed feelings about this, sometimes it looks great other times it looks horrible. It also is amazingly hard to get off and sometimes half my lashes come with it as well! However when it looks good, it looks really good, my lashes look long and voluminous. I think you have to try out and see for yourself, it may and it may not fit you!

9. Dandelion ultra plush

I own the sample of this, not sure if I would buy the actually bottle but I sure will miss it when it runs out. It's soft, not a big load of colour which I really like, not sticky at all and tastes quite nice. I love it for a day look, it just gives this effortless glow to your lips. If you're looking for a low tone lipgloss that will enhance your lips without looking like you're wearing tons of lip product, this is it.

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