Friday, 26 September 2014

Trench coat

When I was on vacation in Athens, I was leaving for Oslo on Sunday evening and last minute on Saturday, literally begged the guard to let me in I popped in Pull & Beat and bought this long black trench coat. 
I love how it's being styled this season, I've seen a lot of people with trainers and ponytails and really simple outfits. I think a trench coat is one of those basic pieces that everybody should have in their wardrobe. It can be beige or black or green or whatever fits your style best. It's such an easy way to tie an outfit together.

I put together this super simple yet interesting outfit, I love the effect layering different textures creates. I wanted the focal point to be the collar so I chose some dark blue skinny jeans, black fluffy sweater and a gold simple chain necklace. I like how the collar gives structure and a perfect finish line. My trench coat just binds everything together. 

Shirt / Bik Bok
Sweater / Weekday
Jeans / Bik Bok
Trench Coat / Pull & Bear
Gold necklace / Weekday 
Rings / Weekday + Gina Tricot
Boots / Roots 
Bag / American Apparel

I had my hair in a bun after I showered last night, so today I woke up with lovely huge curls, sadly it's unbelievably windy here, so they got flat in a matter of minutes. 
Oh well! 
The weather is so incredibly confusing. I also carried a black scarf with me, which I ended up putting on, and then taking off along with my sweater because I thought I was going to melt from the heat. 

I think it's a good outfit for this transitional weather, the trench coat is not too warm but you can always wrap yourself into it for this extra fabric heat, layering is pretty convenient as well, and carrying a large bag, always comes in handy. 

I had a very chill morning, I went with my mum to leave my CV at certain places and then we got some things from Granit for my apartment and I also got a new bag and sushi for lunch yumms. 

Tonight I'm seeing some friends at my favourite place here, called Fyret. 

Kisses, Have a lovely weekend my dears! 

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

October Wishlist *insert leaf symbol*

I cannot believe it's almost October. 6 more days! Schools have autumn break next week, woah. 
The light here has changed, the leaves are falling, and it is significantly getting colder.
I haven't really been shopping, or in the mood to shop at all. However there are some items that have grown on me and I'm looking forward to purchasing this october. 
I feel pretty content with my wardrobe at the moments, which rarely happens so I'm grasping the opportunity to make use of all the pieces I have been collecting.

1. Butterfly hair pins

Although my clothes are rather simple, I love hair jewellery. Not headbands and such, but small decorated bobby pins or hair scrunchies.
These hairpins caught my eye, with the dangling detail. I think it would look beautiful in a simple updo on a dinner out, or even something more casual.

Oysho / 3.99 Euros

2. Chelsea Boots 

I wear my roots ankle boots a lot, I have to admit. I'd love to add to my shoe collection something a bit more classy and slightly more delicate and in that way let my other boots rest for some days! I love the structure of these, you can't get any closer to a perfect chelsea boot. They also come in a lovely brown which I may consider since I do own a little bit too many black shoes.
My roots ankle boots are also fur lined, which make them perfect for the winter but kind of limit their wear in the spring/summer, I feel like these chelsea boots would be so nice with even skirts and dresses. / 499 NOK - 39.95 Euros

3. Fluffy cardigan

I love everything about cardigans and I wish I owned more. They're such good pieces to own for every occasion. In the winter I love layering them over jeans and a more interesting top, in the autumn just wearing them as a coat. In more formal events I love having a cardigan over to keep me warm and I can easily take it off whenever I feel more comfortable.
I specifically love the texture of this, it gives an interesting touch in a simple outfit and can also tone down something more flashy. Comes in different colours as well!

Bik Bok / 399 NOK - 44.95 Euros

 4. Loafers

I've never felt like I could pull off loafers, or that my style could pull off loafers, then I tried these Zara ones on, and I wasn't sure if I could ever take them off. I love the polished look, you can be wearing all black and these and suddenly your outfit looks incredibly chic and cool. I would stay away from skirts and dresses but honestly, these with a pair of jeans and a shirt, woah.
My only issue is that I won't be able to wear them a lot with Norways weather.

Zara / 399 NOK - 29.99 Euros


5. Platform lace up shoes

These remind me of the vagabond DIOON shoes, but I somehow like them a lot better, and they are a lot cheaper as well! I think they look as polishes as the loafers above, but I could wear them a lot more. They would also look cute with sheer ankle socks and a skirt or a dress. I think they're very versatile and look absolutely amazing as well

Zara / 399 NOK - 29.99 Euros

6. Simple grey scarf

I don't mind walking in minus 10 degrees without gloves or a hat, but I need a scarf. From the point where the temperature drops below 15 you'll always see me with a scarf outside. I own a lot of thick knit scarves and a few more big soft scarves like this. And also I'd love a grey one! I think it would look so good with my long black trench coat, chelsea boots, simple leather bag. Kind of like a replica of acne scarf, which is in my long term wishlist,  mmmm can't wait!

Bik Bok / 199 NOK - 19.95 Euros

7. Faux leather backpack 

I've been looking for a faux leather backpack for such a long time, but none of them was what I had in mind - this isn't either, yet it has something really interesting about it. I'm looking forward to seeing it from up close and finding out if I truly like it or not.
It looks quite handy and stylish, definitely one of these must have basics.

Bik Bok / 399 NOK - 44.95 Euros

8. Turtleneck top

Turtlenecks are back. I've avoided turtlenecks all my life because I always thought they looked strange on my neck as it is just a tad bit longer than average. But I really do love how their being styled this autumn and I really want to add some in my wardrobe. I'm still looking for a thick knit turtleneck sweater.
I love this because it can be layered very nicely(wohooo! for winter!) and it's black so is a nice basic to experiment with. I kind of wish it was a bit cropped, but it can always be tucked in high waisted pants, and some loafers or platform shoes mhmmm

Cubus / 179 NOK - 19.90 Euros

 Hope you all are excited for fall, like I am! 
what are your autumn wishes?

Tuesday, 23 September 2014


On Sunday I had tickets for "Ghosts - Ibsens Gengangere" a psychological modern ballet thriller. I always look forward to going to the opera and I'm a sucker for everything that contains dancing in it, so of course, I went. 
It was good, although I struggled to understand the plot, but on the other hand, that's what I love how dancing provokes the emotions in you - it doesn't matter whether you have fully grasped every detail, this overall feeling it leaves on you, that's what matters

The weather was, well, grey, and the opera white, and the sea dark and I wasn't feeling much colour either. 

I put together something dressy, not too fancy and cozy at the same time. I love how long the cardigan is and how it gives the outfit a bit of laid back look. The silky material of the dress makes it a bit more fancy, and along the heeled ankle boots balances that perfect amount of casual and dressy. 

T-shirt dress / Monki
Cardigan / Bik Bok
Necklaces / MTWTFSS weekday + Cos
Heeled Boots / H&M 
Bag / Fjallraven kånken

Apart from watching all the dancing, the opera is my favourite place to go out to, it's interior and architecture is simply amazing. I cannot get tired of looking at, it stands out in the greyness of winter and in the summer it shines brighter than the sun. 

It's a must for tourists but also a place where even locals tend to be around, not only for the shows, but the food and the bathrooms (I love their bathrooms) and just like sitting on the edge and looking at the fjord. 

The plan is to go to as many shows as I can this year, it sparks this creativity and motivation in me. 
Do you enjoy ballet or opera? 

love, from the north

Monday, 22 September 2014

Winter Colours + ootd

Winter is my favourite season, although by the end of it I always complain and say how awful it is, it's the only season I crave all year round. 
I love the transition of autumn, with the leaves falling, the nights becoming crispier, the people withdraw in their warm homes. Then it comes, the first snow, the first day of below zero, the darkness. I'm very at peace in the winter, like all my moves are calculated, like there's no space to do anything else. 

So autumn has come, and the abrupt change in colours is always a slap in the face. I have to admit, I really do love the colours that exist in the spring and summer, all those greens and yellows, blues and purples.
Winter is, a bit more dull and considered a bit depressing. However I do not find this a case, colours are still there to make you smile and forget about the greyness in your mind and in the sky. Wether their on your clothes or around you. Suddenly this bright red truck struggling through the snow in a dark winter night can be brighter than the sun. 

Today I decided to go for something cozy and warmish and kind of autumish as well. I love my maroon coloured jeans (although they have faded out slightly) and my thick knit sweater on top, I just find that it's such a lovely way to get away from the constant black (that I tend to go for) 

Leather Jacket / Bik Bok
Sweater / Bik Bok
Jeans / Zara
Bag / American Apparel
Boots / Roots

I tend to close up to myself during winter, think and sleep a lot. I'm hoping that this winter will be better than the last because I won't have any stress from school exams coming up and such. 
I'm looking forward for endless peppermint tea, soups, cozying up with friends in warm looking cafes, reading books while the snowflakes dance outside, and snuggling with the boy under the covers.

What are you looking forward to? 
Kisses from 8 degrees Oslo 

Friday, 19 September 2014

Interior + Favourite stores in Oslo


Mainly due to the fact that I've recently moved in with my boyfriend I've been finally able to release all those years of saving up inspirational home design ideas and dreams.
I've always had this habit of whenever I would be in a room I'd like to imagine how I would design it myself, removing all the furniture mentally and just making it my own. (That's the only reason I was really into sims when I was young)
My favourite style, I guess, could be described as minimalistic, simple and all things with earthly colours. Scandinavian design is definitely a big inspiration and that's why I've loved almost every home I've visited here. Heavy wooden structures, simple, dark and light colours perfectly balanced.
Our apartment is quite small so it has been challenging to express myself while still keeping it practical. I'm still working on it, but I'm happy with how it's coming out! 
Just a few words about my favourite homeware store here; 
Other stores include, åhlens, habitat, muji, maritabutikken 

My love for Granit is endless, I want simply everything. Check it out, you won't regret it. 
It has boxes, bags, clothes, lights baskets, chairs, outdoor things, kitchen utensils, text books, pens, even different kind of tea and this beautiful bicycle that I'm saving up to buy. It's like a scandinavian muji if you know what that is. 
The epitome of scandinavian design. 

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Benefit Cosmetics Review

I fell in love with Benefit from a very young age, and that was mostly due, to the packaging. It was so lovely and intriguing and made me want to try everything. It took my some time until I could justify spending the money for the products that I needed and that was once I already had some experience with makeup. I spent a lot of time reading reviews of especially foundations and mascaras and I always find them extremely helpful, so here's one of my own;
A small review of the products I own, or have tried

1. The POREfessional

This fulfilled all of its expectations. You see a lot of people raving about it, and with good reason. It smoothens out my face, does not clog my pores, only minimises them and on top of that it doesn't break me out. It also helps my makeup stay put all day and keeps the oil and shine away!
2. Hello Flawless oxygen wow! colour: Ivory - fair

I had great expectations of this foundation yet it did not meet them. Colour was slightly too dark for my skin, and also did not last long and became quite cakey throughout the day. However it does brighten and hydrate my skin. I do use it sometimes, but definitely not my go to foundation.
3.  Hello Flawless! colour: petal

Absolutely loved this product, I've definitely went through at least two boxes. It's light, yet provides coverage, does not pack on your face, the colour although slightly too dark does not bother me and it comes in this super handy packaging. I do not feel as it clogs my pores, and in my worst skin days it did not break me out! Perfect for touch ups during the day.
 4. Dandelion

I had been dying to try this, I love dandelions, I love the packaging, I love this perfect pink it puts on my cheeks. Not too bright, not to pale, jut perfect, it adds a little colour and nobody can tell you have blush on. It's soft and gives this beautiful glow, and also sculpts my face. I have nothing bad to say about this. If you have pale to normal skin I would 10000% recommend.

5. Posietint

Not too much to say about posietint, it dries a bit too fast on my skin when I apply it as a blush so I would recommend dapping it on the back of your palm first and then patting it on your cheeks. Even though, however it doesn't give as much of a strong colour to make any difference at all. Same on the lips it leaves a pink finish which doesn't last for very long. Would not repurchase probably.
 6. High beam

High beam was on my wish list for such a long time, and I've loved every drop of it. This pinkish highlighter just fits with my skin tone so perfectly, it illuminates my skin without being too glittery or sticky. It's easy to apply and spread and sets very nicely on the skin. Perfect for a dewey finish. I will definitely invest in the full bottle soon.
 7. Creaseless cream shadow colour: sparkling champagne (I think!)

I was on vacation with my friend, so I ended up using it every day as a base. I don't have as much experience with it to say for sure, but what I've seen was pretty good! The colour I used was the perfect light brown to use as a base, or only that! It covers all of the small veins and stays put for as long as I had it on! I am planning to get one for myself soon.

8. They're real! mascara                                                                                           

Very mixed feelings about this, sometimes it looks great other times it looks horrible. It also is amazingly hard to get off and sometimes half my lashes come with it as well! However when it looks good, it looks really good, my lashes look long and voluminous. I think you have to try out and see for yourself, it may and it may not fit you!

9. Dandelion ultra plush

I own the sample of this, not sure if I would buy the actually bottle but I sure will miss it when it runs out. It's soft, not a big load of colour which I really like, not sticky at all and tastes quite nice. I love it for a day look, it just gives this effortless glow to your lips. If you're looking for a low tone lipgloss that will enhance your lips without looking like you're wearing tons of lip product, this is it.

Monday, 15 September 2014

Running to the sea

The seasons changing only means one thing, me getting sick. I've spent my days sneezing until I thought I was going to burst, with a little bit of fever, a runny nose, and head thick as an elephant.
Also stress and that little anxiety that never fails to creep up my back, have also visited me. It's hard to put my priorities straight when I have so much free time.
On top of that my wisdom tooth started growing, it hurts a lot and even smiling is impossible. Marcus suggested I get an appointment with the dentist and I almost had a mental breakdown when I realised I had to do that myself. I'm not ready to be a grown up just yet. 

My mum had to cover an event happening a bit outside of Oslo so she went away for the weekend. I had to babysit my 11 year old sister, which turned out to be an uplifter and very nice. 

On sunday the day was absolutely beautiful so we took the train, and then a bus and ended up at this little paradise. 

Named,  Bogstad Gård it's basically a farm, a cafe, a museum, a lake, a forest, all that you need basically. It was full of families taking a sunday walk and kids running around, it was the perfect place to kind of clear my mind. 

I also fell in love with these fluffy creatures. I never knew sheep could be so nice, and soft and just adorable. I now really would love to have a sheep
I mean look at these faces!

Outfit wise, the goal was warm, comfy, but kind of put together. I think my black/grey ankle booties never fail to tie everything up as they are so simple, and structured. Grey highwaisted jeans from Weekday, and just a dark green cable knit sweater from Weekday also. And my lovely PiP tote bag from the festival. I really love the colour scheme, so autumn-y and crisp

We had some food and then walked along the lake for a while until we found this wooden dock I guess you can call it. We sat there because we still had about 45 minutes to kill until our bus came. 

I was still sort of dizzy and weak and the sun just made my head boil. I was laying on the dock and just listening at the children running on the path and the dogs and the bicycles and just life. 
It can be weird. I've never felt a stranger in Norway, although I'm definitely not from this place, it just never left me out of anything, never treated me in a bad way. It has definitely become home. 
But at the same time, without me completely understanding why and how it has changed me so much, and made me want to be so much more.
It's like whatever I do, it's not enough, and however fast I run I can never catch up. But at the same time I don't even know or understand what I'm trying to reach. 
I can say that I have everything, a family that loves and appreciates me, a home (three actually!), amazing friends, I live in this beautiful country, I've graduated successfully, I'm healthy, I do things I like and I have an wonderful boyfriend who loves me and makes me happy every single day. Yet I still feel so empty inside. I guess that makes me selfish and spoilt, I don't know. My thoughts keep extending and I swear I've created galaxies, and constellations in my mind and it's endless, I can't figure anything out.

Enough thinking for today I guess