Thursday, 28 August 2014

Keeping it small and handy!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I haven't sleeping at my house all that much since I got back. So I thought it would be appropriate to show you how I pack my daily makeup essentials, depending on who I'm staying at! Τhat of course does not mean that you need to carry with you any makeup at all, if you are the person who can bare their face (I'm getting there slowly). But never forget to wash your face after a night out and resist just falling asleep dead once you get home!!

This is my small makeup pouch I usually carry with me. 

I think keeping it simple is the key, and bringing out all your travel sized items is a big help as well! 
So this is how it would look if I were planning to sleep over at a girlfriend or somebody who would share with me a face soap or a kind of moisturiser and eye makeup remover!
Everything else is the absolute essentials, 
1. My Smashbox photo finish blemish control primer is a must for me, as it hydrates my face and is a life saver after a night out
2. my hello flawless foundation by Benefit, is also great, provides as much coverage needed without being cakey, plus I prefer the finish when I apply it with my fingers, so no need to carry a brush as well
3. Makeup Forever full cover concealer, this does exactly what it says, it has a bit of a thick texture so I love applying it beneath my foundation, it covers every single thing that you want to be covered. It's a great combination with hello flawless, because I find that adding foundation over it can be quite too much.
4. high beam by Benefit, I'm absolutely in love with this, I'm not carrying and blushes or bronzers but I find that this substitutes them both! It gives me a glow, and a bit of colour and dimension but also kind of shapes my face. Plus it's travel size so I cannot resist!
5. BareMinerals mineral veil, I do not love nor hate this product, but it does it's job, keeps my face matte and takes away the oil and does not look cakey!
6. Nuxe lip balm, I've finished at least 3 tubes of this thing, it does wander for my lips, and does not taste disgusting as most lip balms do. I am a person who carry most my lip products in my bag at all times, so I don't need to put any in my carry on pouch! 
Anyways, this little lip balm is perfect for any minute you feel your lips slightly dry or want to apply more lipstick
7. Benefit, they're real, I have a love-hate relationship with this product, sometimes it may give me the longest and thickest lashes ever and I love its result so much, but then it's such a difficult job to take it off, and half of my lashes fall off with it. I really wish it would work for me, but it only does sometimes.
8. Mac eye pencil, just to give some definition to your lid and upper lid waterline, it's so small by itself even if you don't use it, it doesn't take much space. 
9. Anastasia brow wiz, absolutely crazy about it, it works so well with my brows that I find it a must
10. Finally, just a Mac brush for powder, not sure what the exact model is because it tends to wash away 

Now, sleeping over at my boyfriends adds a few more things, 
1. I need a good eye makeup remover, this one by l'oreal does the job perfectly and does not irritate my skin at all
2. A moisturiser is needed, since my skin tends to get especially dry especially after a night of drinking and dancing (!) This is by origins make a difference - Plus+ it's for oily skin and does not leave a thin layer over my skin and smells great too! 
3. This face soap is with argan oil and I've ordered like 5 from a shop in France because I struggle to find them. It works very well with my skin, as well as to remove every bit of makeup but also provides a deep cleanse. 

That's it for today! I hope you had a nice week! 
See you soon (: 

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