Saturday, 30 August 2014

Autumn Morning

Today feels like autumn, it's around 15 degrees, cloudy. It always makes me think, the same exact temperature in the spring can seem so different, now you can just feel the winter creeping slowly up your spine. 
It's beautiful nevertheless, or at least for me.

I spent a lovely morning with the boy and deeded to walk back to my mums to see them for a bit and get ready for PiP fest (Piknik i parken = picnic in the park). Which is a music festival in one of the big parks in Oslo, I've volunteered and I'm working there tomorrow with a friend. However today me and my friend decided to go and maybe help out but mostly listen to Daughter who is playing. 
It's mostly norwegian artists I think but I'm excited to see how it is!! And of course Daughter is one of my favourites, I absolutely love her. 

Ignore my tyrannosaurs rex hands (idk what I'm doing) and the wind blowing my hair in my face, oh well. 
I didn't feel like dressing up or anything, so I threw on something casual. Ripped knee black skinnies, favourite ankle boots, leather jacket and a simple top, of course my american apparel bag is always with me. I just feel like this something so simple, yet it can appear put together with the rips in the knees and the details of the top. 
This ankle boots are from a brand called Roots and I absolutely love them, they are so easy to wear, with absolutely everything, the quality is very good (I've had them for a year and the norwegian conditions aren't the most favourable for shoes) they have this fur lining inside so they keep my feet warm during winter, and this tiny heel just makes everything better! 
This city, although my mum lives in the centre of it, and well the boy kind of just outside the centre, never gives me the impression of a capital. It's so laid back, and green and peaceful. Walking around always makes my day! 

Going to get ready to go to PiP now! Expect a post about it on monday or so! 
Have a lovely saturday night

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